Events: Constitution Week, 2015

U.S. Constitution

Wednesday, September 16         1:00 pm SF Library, Lobby

Times Talk - "The Kim Davis Case: Does the Right to Religious Liberty Allow a Public Official to Deny Marriage to Same-sex Couples?” Alan Beck

As part of our activities commemorating Constitution Week, Santa Fe College will launch what we hope will become an ongoing, regular event on our campus:  “Times Talks.”

Times Talks are meant to encourage meaningful discussion of important and controversial issues in the news, and are part of Santa Fe’s efforts to promote greater civic engagement on campus.  Times Talks are an opportunity for students, faculty members, and other members of the campus community (all are invited) to sit as equals and to exchange views on important issues in a casual, informal and civil environment (with refreshments, of course!). 
Times talks are open conversations moderated each time by a different volunteer faculty or student facilitator.   Before each Times Talk, the facilitator selects and sends to interested people a recent article or articles from the New York Times to provide participants with background on the issue.  At the Times Talk, the facilitator provides a brief introduction to the topic and opens the discussion, and all participants, sitting in a circle, have the opportunity to share their views and contribute to a vigorous and engaging discussion.
These events provide a wonderful opportunity to participate in the sort of discourse that is needed in a democracy.

Thursday, September 17  12:30 pm SF Library, Lobby

“The Founders and Economic Inequality: The Republican Solution?” Donna Waller

All lectures are free and open to the general public
Refreshments afterward courtesy of
Santa Fe College Chapter of the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC)
For more information, contact:
David Tegeder,, 395 5083