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Computer Access

Computers are located on all three floors of the library. You must be a current Santa Fe student or employee to access the Internet. In order to access the Internet, users will need to log in using their eSantaFe or eStaff log-in upon opening a web browser (IE, Firefox, or Chrome). Please see the library staff if you have trouble logging in.

Please be familiar with the library's Computer Use Policy [PDF] [HTML].

Wireless Access

You may access the wireless network using your personal laptop. The access point is SFCGuest.


Headphones are available to check out with your SF ID card at the first floor circulation desk and second floor reference desk. The reference desk also has noise-cancelling headphones. You may also use personal headphones in the computers.


The library recommends saving all work to a personal flash drive. Files saved to the computer's desktop are not retained.

Downloading Programs

All library computers have the Microsoft Office 2016 suite installed, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.

The computers at the library are not set up to allow downloading or installing computer programs. If you have a program required for a class, please check with the Testing Center (N-216) about the possibility of using it.


The library printers are located on the 1st and 2nd floors.

The printers accept credit cards*, change and dollar bills.

To print, follow these steps:

  1. Choose either BWLetter (10¢) or Color-Letter (75¢)
  2. Enter your SF ID #
  3. Go to room Y-116 on the 1st floor or room Y-204 on the 2nd floor to retrieve printouts.
  4. Put in your SF ID #
  5. Select your document
  6. Put in your money or slide your credit card. The printer takes nickels, dimes, quarters and $1 bills. (No pennies!)

*There is a $3 limit on single credit card transactions. If you need to print over $3 please break it up in to several different jobs.

Other campus printers include C-115, N-216, and S-165 (some labs will require an SF ID card).

Wireless printing from laptops is not available.

For more information see The Office of Finance - On-Campus Printing.

BookScan Station

The library has two scanning stations that will allow you to scan documents in readable PDF format and save them to your flash drive, Google Docs, or email them to yourself. The BookScan Stations are located on the 2nd floor of the Lawrence W. Tyree Library, near the Reference Books. There is no cost to this service.

Assistive Technologies

The library has two specialized computers with adaptive software available on the first and second floors. These computers are on an adjustable table, along with large-print keyboards and a trackball mouse (1st floor) or joystick mouse (second floor). The second floor computer has an accompanying desktop CCTV for magnifying print material and an attached scanner to use with adaptive software. Please ask library staff to direct you to these computers; students registered with the Disabilities Resource Center have priority. For more information, including a list of installed software, view the library's page on Services for Users With Disabilities.

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