2002 Survey Results

In April 2002, the Lawrence W. Tyree Library at Santa Fe Community College conducted an online satisfaction survey to determine user's satisfaction with services, staff, and resources. The results were tabulated, and are displayed below. These figures represent averages and percentages for various services and staff.

Based on these responses, library patrons are satisfied with the library staff (93%), the services available (89%), and the service in all library departments (92%). These figures leave some room for improvement, but overall indicate that the library is performing at an above average level. In addition, these figures will provide the basis for future comparisons.

Finally, the results of specific questions regarding the relocation of the library and library hours are included. Based on these responses, most users had few complaints during the move. Given that there were only 30 negative comments from 460 responses related to the move (6%), this indicates that overall, users were satisfied with the move process.

Many users did, however, have complaints with the library's hours. Most significantly, 13% of the respondents wanted extended Saturday hours. Additionally, 25% of the respondents wanted extended hours (either Saturdays, Sundays, Weeknights, etc.). This indicates that users might utilize extended hours at the library if they were available. Based on this information, this may be an area for the library to consider when planning for the future.

I. Satisfaction with the following library services
(1=Very Satisfied, 2=Satisfied, 3=Dissatisfied, 4=Very Dissatisfied, 5=Not Applicable):

Service % Very
% Dissatisfied/
Very Dissatisfied
Photocopy Machines 88.19 11.81
Periodicals/Journals/Databases 88.98 11.02
Ask-a-Librarian 91.34 8.66
Phone Reference 88.98 11.02
Handicap Accessibility 91.34 8.66
Book Collection 87.40 12.60
Reference Collection 88.89 11.11
Full-Text Access 88.89 11.11
Online Catalog 90.55 9.45
Online Databases 92.13 7.87
Library Web Page 94.44 5.56
Video Viewing Room 88.97 11.03
Computer Lab/Library Instruction Room 92.91 7.09
Access to 2nd/3rd Floors 87.40 12.60
Ability to find library resources 89.76 84.25
Loan Period 84.25 15.75
Averages 89.65 10.35

II. Satisfaction with the service in the following departments
(1=Very Satisfied, 2=Satisfied, 3=Dissatisfied, 4=Very Dissatisfied, 5=Not Applicable):

Department % Very Satisfied/
% Very
Circulation Desk 92.80 7.20
2nd Floor Reference 91.87 8.13
3rd Floor Reference 95.04 4.96
Computer Lab 91.06 8.94
Interlibrary Loans 90.32 9.68
Averages 92.22 7.78

III. Satisfaction with the staff in the following departments (1=Very Satisfied, 2=Satisfied, 3=Dissatisfied, 4=Very Dissatisfied, 5=Not Applicable):

Department % Very
% Very
Circulation Desk 95.08 4.92
2nd Floor Reference 93.39 6.61
3rd Floor Reference 92.56 7.44
Computer Lab 92.62 7.38
Averages 93.41 6.59

IV. Satisfaction results related to the library relocation and hours:

1. Library Hours: Of the 460 respondents, there were 194 comments in this area. A breakdown (by number of similar responses) of those comments follows:

Saturday AM Hours: 2
Saturday PM Hours: 6
Saturday Hours: 50
Sunday Extended Hours: 19
Weekday Later Hours: 18
Weekday Earlier Hours: 7
Friday Later Hours: 4
Weekend Later Hours: 4
Extended Hours: 6

2. Relocation Success: Of the 389 respondents to this question, 365 said, "Yes, the Library succeeded with the move," while 24 said, "No, the Library did not succeed with the move."

For those who were satisfied with the move, there were negative comments regarding the following areas:
Location: 6
Internet access: 1
Book access: 1

For those dissatisfied with the move, the negative comments were as follows:
Location: 7
Internet/computer/printing access: 4
Hours during the move: 1 (not open during registration)
Art Gallery: 1 (no specifics, simply "Art Gallery")
Drop Box/Book Return: 2
Signs: 1 (directions to new library)
Elevators: 1 (again, no specifics)
Class conflicts: 1
Lack of Study Areas during move: 1
Parking: 1
Number of withdrawn books due to move: 1 (too many withdrawn)
Length of Move: 1