Study Abroad

Here at Santa Fe College, there are many fun and exciting opportunities to see the world. SF offers study abroad programs allowing students to experience countries like China, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, or Costa Rica, and get college credit to do so. Studying abroad will be an adventure to remember for a lifetime.

2016-2017 Destinations

Outside Programs

Santa Fe College also offers numerous outside programs that provide experiences run by other universities or providers. With this option, students can receive outside credits that can be transferred to SF. These programs can range in length, from one week to one semester to one full degree.

Programs Outside of SF

Work, Intern, or Volunteer Abroad

Any internship, work, service-learning, volunteer, or other programs you find from links provided here are not endorsed by Santa Fe College. Investigate the reputability of the program you are interested in. The SF Coordinator of International Education can also help with this distinction.

Work, Intern, Volunteer

Getting Involved with Study Abroad