The International Studies Certificate provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of the history, politics, culture, economics, and language of contemporary societies beyond the borders of the United States.

Students who complete the courses and extracurricular experiences required for this certificate will gain knowledge, analytical skills and sensitivities that will enable them to interact and communicate effectively with people from a variety of countries, backgrounds, and cultures. The certificate is designed to produce globally-competent workers and engaged world citizens. The certificate will particularly meet the academic interests of:

  • Students seeking greater familiarity with international issues;
  • Students interested in both undergraduate and graduate-level research in International Studies;
  • Students interested in preparing themselves for work in the global marketplace or in international non-profits;
  • Educators who wish to add international studies subject matter to their classroom teaching;
  • Professionals whose careers require in-depth knowledge of globalization and cross-cultural communication;
  • Employers seeking to hire workers who will enhance their organization by through their global perspectives and experiences.

Who is Eligible?

All degree seeking students at Santa Fe College are eligible to enroll in the certificate.


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Benefits of the Certificate

The International Studies Certificate can be earned while students meet the general education requirements for an associate or baccalaureate degree. Advisors will help interested students understand that the courses they complete for this certificate can transfer to and meet the requirements of internationally-oriented degrees at other universities. For example, students will be able to earn four of the courses necessary to become an International Studies Major at the University of Florida by simply completing basic courses (e.g., CHI 1120 Chinese I, CHI 1121 Chinese II, INR2001 International Relations, and REL 2300 Contemporary World Religions) that qualify for this certificate. Students who complete the requirements summarized above will receive a certificate acknowledging their accomplishments, a notation on their Santa Fe College transcripts, and a special cord or stole at graduation indicating that the degree being earned had a strong international focus.


There are three major requirements for students to earn this certificate: the fulfillment of specific coursework, participation in international extracurricular activities and the completion of a portfolio.  Please click on the tabs above labeled curricular, extracurricular and portfolio in order to learn more.  Please be sure to enroll for the certificate in order to indicate your intent to complete the specified requirements.

Curricular Requirements

Students interested in earning the International Studies Certificate will be required to complete a total of 20 credit hours in courses that predominantly examine cultures, traditions, states, and/or regions throughout the world. Such courses embrace global perspectives of life beyond the borders of the United States of America as reflected in the learning outcomes established for each course.

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Extracurricular Requirements

Students will be expected to participate actively in international experiences outside of the classroom in order for them to qualify for this certificate. The purpose of these international experiences will be to encourage students to spend time with people from a culture originating outside of the United States and thus enable them to acquire an understanding of cultures, traditions, states, global perspectives, and/or regions beyond the borders of the United States of America. The experience must be gained while certificate candidates are Santa Fe College students.

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Student ePortfolios

Students will be required to submit an electronic portfolio and supporting documentacion during their last semester before graduation that includes:

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In order to apply for the program, download your application here. Once you complete your application, please bring it to A-213 or email it to Paloma Rodriguez (