For Faculty and Staff

Develop a SF Study Abroad Program

At Santa Fe College, a Faculty-led Study Abroad Program (FSAP) is a program through which a faculty member takes a group of students outside of the United States for a period of time during which they will be earning credit.

If you are considering developing an FSAP:

  • Begin by reading through the Proposal Guidelines
  • You should also schedule a time to meet with the Coordinator of International Education. The IE Coordinator works with every faculty member through the proposal process and may have advice in areas you have found difficult to work through.
  • While creating your budget, follow the Budget Worksheet. This will help you cover all possible expenses. The worksheet is hard to understand. The Coordinator of International Education will meet with you to explain how to fill it out.
  • As you go through step five of the Proposal Guidelines, you will fill out the Program Proposal Form. After all necessary approvals are obtained, you will be informed that you may begin advertising your program.


Tip: Many faculty members find that it can be beneficial to partner with another faculty member so that two different courses can go towards the same study abroad experience.

Once your program is approved, you will receive a handbook and resources for promotion. To increase the effectiveness of promotion for the study abroad trips and to demonstrate the college's support, the International Education Office (IEO) will help with the creation of promotional material. You can always create your own materials in addition to these.