Strategic Plan 2014 - 2019

Adding value to the lives of our students and enriching our community

Mission Statement

In keeping with our values and goals, Santa Fe College, a comprehensive public institution of higher education serving North Central Florida and beyond, adds value to the lives of our students and enriches our community through excellence in teaching and learning, innovative educational programs and student services, and community leadership and service.


Santa Fe College is a dynamic, innovative learning community committed to

  • Academic excellence, academic freedom, and intellectual pursuit
  • Individual, social, and global responsibility
  • Honesty, integrity, and civility
  • Cultural diversity and equity
  • Collaboration with our community
  • Open access
  • Lifelong learning
  • Assessment, accountability, and improvement
  • Sustainable use of environmental, social, and economic resources



  • Make it easier to do business with Santa Fe College.
    • Simplify the entry process.
    • Diversify and improve points of college and student contact.
  • Ensure consistency and availability of services.
    • Match hours of operation and services to student need.
    • Offer classes, class times, and class formats that meet the research-based needs of students for flexible and nontraditional scheduling.
  • Assess quality and cost effectiveness of services from multiple perspectives, particularly the student perspective.
    • Provide transparency on program and instructional outcomes and costs.
    • Consider both quality and cost when selecting required instructional materials.


  • Meet students where they are.
    • Provide students with intuitive and immediate access to resources and information through an engaging technology interface.
    • Communicate in terms clear to students, using varied and accessible means.
    • Map out pathways to information and resources.
    • Configure and equip learning spaces to encourage best teaching and learning practices.
    • Create a learning center or learning commons.
  • Define the role each department and program plays in student engagement and connection.
    • Serve students at the point of contact where possible.
    • Confirm referral paths of students and issues before handing them off, and describe next steps in terms clear to students.
  • Communicate Santa Fe's value to the community and to students.
    • Boost student utilization of college resources and support services.
    • Strengthen networks/connections with the public through engagement with civic organizations, service organizations, business partners, and community stakeholders.


  • Put learning and students first.
    • Promote and model best tools/practices to be successful.
    • Integrate college success skills with instruction in high enrollment or gateway courses.
  • Guide and support students along their way.
    • Expand support services and practices that help students identify their goals and stay on track for successful completion.
    • Integrate Orientation, advising, and other key interactions with students to feature timely information on next steps in support of learning and successful completion.
  • Develop the regional workforce.
    • Coordinate and enhance our partnerships with regional employers to match students with opportunities for apprenticeships, internships, and job placements.
    • Build academic/career lattices that provide pathways from high school through bachelor's degree programs.
    • Use labor market data to develop and refine academic programs to contribute to regional economic development.
  • Promote a culture of excellence.
    • Provide targeted professional development for faculty and staff.
    • Develop the organization to reflect institutional values in all interactions.


  • Cultivate students who contribute to society.
    • Provide learning activities that foster civic engagement and service.
    • Demonstrate and promote sustainability.
    • Reinforce general education learning outcomes throughout the curriculum.
  • Prepare globally competitive graduates.
    • Prepare students to adapt to a changing world and effect positive change.
    • Model and instill professionalism and intercultural proficiency.
  • Position ourselves as the college of choice and as the employer of choice.