What is Institutional Research?

Institutional Research or "IE" at Santa Fe College is the systematic, explicit, and documented process of measuring performance against mission in all aspects of an institution. Moreover, IE is about (1) planning to realize mission and goals, (2) assessing outcomes and objectives, and, (3) ultimately, demonstrating improvement. To meet certain state, federal, and SACSCOC-COC (The Commission) requirements for accreditation, the College is obligated to demonstrate that it accomplishes its IE goals and objectives in a systematic, process-oriented way.

Santa Fe's commitment to assessment, continuous improvement, and innovation is at the heart of our ongoing Institutional Research (IR) process. The College's IE is based on a continuous cycle which is participative, flexible, relevant, and responsive to the community we serve. The College's approach to IE includes all programs, services, and constituencies and is linked to decision-making at all levels and across all units.

The Institutional Research process is best portrayed through a graphic model entitled Santa Fe College Model of Integrated Institutional Research

Santa Fe College Model of Integrated Institutional Research

The College's Institutional Research Manual: A Practitioner's Guide to Planning, Assessment, and Improvement for Santa Fe College is the functional policy document for Santa Fe's approach to Institutional Research (IR).

Santa Fe College Institutional Research Manual