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The Evolving Business of Medicine


From the March 2, 2015

Physicians and medical professionals are increasingly employing technology – from computers in the exam room to using big data to anal

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They're the bridge between doctors and electronic records

From the December 12, 2013 Gainesville Sun:

The medical field traditionally has operated with a lot of behind-the-scenes jobs, but the advent of both electronic health records and the Affordable Care Act has particularly spurred a rise in health information technology jobs, and some students in Gainesville are training for the challenge

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Health Care Workers Discuss Best Way to Share Information in New Era

From the August 15, 2013 Gainesville Sun:

"A critical component of health care reform — health information management — took center stage on Thursday morning at a health care summit at Santa Fe College.

As hospitals throughout the nation transition from one disease classification to another, codes for those conditions will multiply, putting the onus on health care professionals to correctly enter in data, interpret and share it.

Julie Shay, the program director healthcare information technology (HIT) management programs at Santa Fe, said...."

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HOT Careers for College Students.

2011 A Special Report for Recent and Mid-Career College Graduates: As U.S. unemployment is showing signs of recovering from a 25-year high, a new trend study from the University of California San Diego Extension reveals some of the hottest career options for college graduates in this still challenging economy.

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