Courses and Descriptions


CHM 1030 Elements of Chemistry I*

3 credit hour course covers elementary principles of modern chemistry. These includes the concepts of atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding and properties of solutions. The students work with bonding formulas, balancing equations, and principles of pH, buffers and electrolytes. The course is designed for Health Science majors who do not need to take the chemistry sequenceleading to organic chemistry. A "C" or better in high school algebra or a one semester college algebra is required as a prerequisite. If algebra has not been taken or was taken over 5 years ago, the required co-requisite is MTB 1371. CHM 1030L is also a required co-requisite.

CHM 1030L Elements of Chemistry I Lab*

1 credit hour laboratory course that accompanies CHM1030. Student experiences include basic measurement techniques, investigating physical and chemical properties, using gas laws, determining molarity and acid base titrations. Safety equipment is required. The required co-requisite is CHM 1030.

* Both lecture and laboratory are available on computer via Open Campus

CHM 1031 Physiological Chemistry

Course provides a analysis of the dynamics of the compounds that are active in the human body. Topics investigated in this 3 credit hour course include body fluids (blood, urine, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid), electrolytes, acid/base balance, excitable membranes, energy metabolism and organic compounds active in the body. Required prerequisites for this course are grades of "C" or better in CHM 1030 and BSC 2085, while the required co-requisite is CHM1031L.

CHM 1031L Physiological Chemistry Lab

1 credit hour laboratory course accompanies CHM 1031. Student experiences include developing isotonic and buffer solutions, amino acid chromatography and testing for salivary amylase, lipids and antigen/antibody interactions. Safety equipment is required. The required prerequisite is a grade of "C" or better in CHM 1030L while the required co-requisite is CHM 1031.