Milton Baker

When Milton Baker finished high school in Lake City and saw many of his friends heading off in one direction, he knew he wanted to march to the beat of his own drum and ventured out to Santa Fe College.

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SF ended up being the perfect stepping stone for Milton into the University of Florida. He transferred to UF as a history major and will graduate with his bachelor's degree in May. SF helped prepare Milton for the rigors of UF in unique ways.

My education at SF gave me a solid foundation by starting on small things like sentence structure and public speaking, and that has really helped me be successful at UF.

While at SF, Milton took advantage of SF's robust student life, participating in intramural basketball and flag football. He was also a diplomat for SF's My Brother's Keeper program and treasurer for Mu Beta Kappa.

"My favorite things about Santa Fe start with President Sasser and trickle down to the professors," Milton said. "I love how the professors are so personal and relatable, and I will say it is just a great place to develop into the person you want to become."

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