Deshon Tuck

Deshon Tuck

Deshon Tuck knew college would be tough on him financially, but he also knew he could start his college career at an affordable price at Santa Fe College. Deshon is now a proud Gator and Santa Fe College alumnus.

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When Deshon Tuck graduated from Taylor County High School, he was worried about how he would be able to afford college. Attending SF allowed Deshon to test the water, develop academically and find out what he had a passion for, all while saving money on what he would have potentially spent on entering a university from the start.

SF helped me in the journey of finding what I was actually passionate about and the program that was right for me.

Deshon came to SF in 2012 and studied respiratory care, which eventually led to his current major in Family, Youth and Community Sciences at UF. Deshon plans to graduate in spring of 2017 and credits SF for getting him to where he wanted to be.

"If you're really not sure what you're passionate about, SF will connect you to the right people and services that'll help you on your journey," Deshon said. "Also, going to SF allows you to better your transcripts to increase your chance of getting accepted to UF."

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