The Santa Fe Galleries, comprised of the Santa Fe Gallery, Exhibition Halls, and Art in Public Spaces Program, supports the College's mission of adding value to the lives of our students and enriching our community by exhibiting quality artwork in gallery and public locations. The Santa Fe Galleries serve as a teaching resource for Santa Fe College students, faculty and staff, and the community at large. The broad range of quality artwork shown at the Santa Fe Gallery, Exhibition Halls, and in public spaces on the Northwest Campus and Educational Centers suggests to college students, faculty, staff, and visitors the endless variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional arts.


As part of a dynamic, innovative learning community, The Santa Fe Galleries are committed to:

  • Academic and artistic freedom, academic and artistic excellence, and the pursuit of artistic and intellectual skills, knowledge, creativity, and expression
  • The importance of arts education and arts appreciation to the individual and society
  • Cultural diversity and diversity of thought within an on-going consideration of community values
  • Collaboration with the college, local, and state community
  • Open access for students, faculty, staff, and community
  • Life-long learning


To fulfill its mission, The Santa Fe Galleries intend to:

  • Exhibit quality artwork in a gallery space that serves as an extension of the arts studio/classroom, and in public exhibition halls and non-traditional public spaces that make the arts accessible to all students, faculty and staff.
  • Exhibit quality artwork selected for its educational, technical, and aesthetic significance, and appropriateness to the venue
  • Exhibit quality artwork that reflects the broad range of artistic technique, style, and media
  • Exhibit quality artwork that reflects a diversity of perspectives and cultural heritage
  • Promote a strong arts education and arts appreciation for students working toward Associate of Arts, Science, and/or Applied Science degrees, and for the continuing education of faculty, staff, and community visitors
  • Promote a supportive learning environment that challenges arts audiences of diverse educational backgrounds and cultures with artistically and intellectually stimulating works of two-dimensional and three-dimensional arts
  • Schedule a calendar of visual arts events that provides free access to educationally, technically, and aesthetically significant exhibits and associated events

For more information please contact the Art Gallery Manager, 352-395-5464.