Special Categories

Postsecondary Adult Programs (PSA)

  • PSA programs greater than or equal to 900 hours: Coursework in these PSA programs will be converted to credit hours for financial aid payment and will follow the same satisfactory academic progress standards as all other financial aid recipients.
  • PSA programs 600 to 899 clock hours: Coursework in these PSA programs is based on clock hour attendance. Students receiving financial aid must successfully complete the clock hour coursework with a 2.0 GPA for each class funded before additional payment can be made. Duration of eligibility will be limited to the length of the program.

Students with Disabilities

The Financial Aid Office and the Disabilities Resource Center in S-229 work together to assist students with disabilities. Contact the Center for any special needs assistance at (352) 395-4400 or voice TDD (352) 395-5943. On request, the Center will arrange a meeting with a Financial Aid Specialist.