About Our Program


In 1974 the School Board of Alachua County and Santa Fe College's Board of Trustees signed an articulation agreement establishing the High School Dual Enrollment Program on the Santa Fe campus. The purpose of this educational program is to provide qualified 11th and 12th grade students an opportunity to complete their high school credits while taking classes at the College toward their academic and career goals. As a Dual Enrollment student, you can work toward your high school diploma, take classes to prepare yourself for college level work, start your Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, or if you are good with your hands, earn a certificate in one of the Career and Technical Education areas. Our Dual Enrollment counselors personally guide you through program and class selection, helping you choose the right combination of high school and/or college classes, which are all offered on our campus. Through one of our many program options, our high school students explore their talents and strengths, plan for college majors and careers, and prepare for entrance into the University of Florida or other universities. All credits earned are transferred to the high school from which the student will graduate.

Students accepted into the Dual Enrollment Program need to be motivated to reach their academic goals and demonstrate the responsibility and maturity needed to be successful on a college campus. Dual Enrollment counselors monitor student attendance and grades and work with students to develop strategies for success. High school students interact on a daily basis with college students and are exposed to the same social and intellectual life challenges. It is extremely important that students be prepared to do their best since the grades earned in college classes are on the student's permanent college transcript.

While the Dual Enrollment Program offers a personal atmosphere to students, the college offers facilities normally reserved for college students. As a student at Santa Fe College, you can expect to experience everything that a college campus has to offer! Besides the rich diversity of our student body, Santa Fe resources include, library facilities, up-to-date computer labs, 24/7 online tutoring, professional assistance in reading, writing and math labs, art and dance studios, state-of-the-art science labs, a planetarium and a gymnasium and weight room. Our students may also participate in all college activities except for intercollegiate sports teams. Dual Enrollment students have held leadership positions in Student Government, student clubs and committees and have participated in intramural sports. While at Santa Fe, a student may also choose to participate in their high school's activities and events.

Tuition and lab fees normally charged by the Santa Fe College are waived for students who are in the Dual Enrollment Program. Required texts and some instructional materials are provided at no cost to Alachua County public school students and homeschool students registered "in name only" through the Alachua County Public School system. These students may also apply for the Free or Reduced Meal Program and, if eligible, obtain breakfast and lunch from the vendors in the College's Food Court.

Every college course a student takes through Dual Enrollment saves parents hundreds of dollars in tuition and books! Also, Dual Enrollment courses help students qualify for the Bright Futures Scholarship, saving the cost of further undergraduate education.