Apprenticeship: Earn while you learn

Become an Apprentice in one of these trades and enjoy these earnings* While attending a 310 - 620 hour evening program and working 40 hours per week in your trade.

(* minimum based on the 2008 hourly Rate for twenty-four or forty-eight Months @ 40 hrs per week.)

Receive the Following Certificates:

  1. Journeyworker Apprenticeship Completion Certificate from the Apprenticeship Section, Florida Department of Education, Division of Workforce Development.
  2. Co-op Industrial Education Certificate from.
  3. Apprenticeship Completion Certificate from Builders Association of North Central Florida, (BANCF)
  4. National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Completion Certificates.

For More Information Contact:

Justin MacDougall
Apprenticeship Coordinator


All instructors have completed the NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) Instructor Certification Training Program. They are Certified Craft Instructors. This is a national program to ensure the uniform and consistent delivery of training throughout the country.


The Craft Manuals used in the program are developed and kept current by NCCER and are called the Contren Learning Services. At present, curriculum for 35 trades have been developed in order to have a standardized uniform one-industry, one-training program for each craft. They are used and standardized throughout the United States and 13 foreign countries. For additional information you can visit the website at

Program Sponsor

The programs are sponsored by Builders Association of North Central Florida (BANCF), under State and Federal registered apprenticeship standards. BANCF is a non-profit corporation established to promote trade and technical training by over 50 leading companies and tradespeople in the Gainesville area.


As an apprentice, you will be sponsored by your employer who pays all required fees, except for books, which will cost about $100 per year. In some cases, employers reimburse apprentices upon completion of the program.

National Recognition

The curriculum being used is approved by the U.S. Department of Labor for use in formal apprenticeship training programs. As you complete each module you will be tested by the certified instructor. Your completion will be kept in the National Craft Training Registry. Upon your request your transcript from the National Registry may be transferred to other programs as well as employers who recognize this training throughout the United States.