Entrepreneur Incubator Alumni Companies

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2 College Brothers

2 College Brothers

Wade Swikle | www.2collegebrothers.com

2 College Brothers is a student-run moving company in Gainesville, Tallahassee & Orlando. Our mission is to simplify the moving experience through reliable & friendly service. Our movers are fit, clean-cut college guys who attain a high level of professionalism and integrity. We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our community involvement, transparent customer service, and commitment to excellence.

10 Geek Software

10 Geek Software

James Kies | www.10-Geek.com

10 Geek Software approaches each project with courtesy & care. They use developers, designers, and quality control professionals to turn ideas into products. Their aim is to make clients better, faster, and more efficient with the help of technology. With a broad ranging team of seasoned professionals, they solve problems and open doors with their software. They facilitate the needs of clients, even if they haven't identified them all yet.

Amitec Digital Strategy

A Fair Deal Automotive Consulting

Justin Charles | www.afairdealauto.com

A Fair Deal Automotive Consulting helps clients navigate the automotive industry without being taken advantage of. They provide expert advice and general automotive consultations for vehicle purchases, repairs, inspections, and sales. Their primary concern is looking after the best interests of each client. The automotive industry is a vast and complicated market with many professionals working against the consumer. Get someone on your side that knows the business and will fight for you with integrity!

Jay Derenthal Accelerated Communications

Accelerated Communications

Jay Derenthal |

Accelerated Communications works directly with clients toward the goal of increasing traffic to websites and conversion of website traffic into brand awareness, phone calls, emails, sign-ups, and/or orders. Assistance is also provided with Internet Marketing, Website Coaching, Online Video Marketing, Social Media Network Marketing, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Augi Lye Accelerond


Augi Lye | www.accelerond.com

Accelerond is an innovative leader in the field of Engineering. They offer engineering services to customers demanding creative, paradigm breaking solutions. They have worked on projects ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to advanced digital signals processing. We cover every aspect of engineering from design to manufacturing.

Alachua County Emerging Leaderss

Alachua County Emerging Leaders (ACEL)

Bryan Eastman | acelfl.com

Alachua County Emerging Leaders is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works to make Alachua County be recognized as a highly desirable place for diverse, talented young people to flourish. Focusing on young professionals aged 21-45, ACEL connects young people to the community through professional development, philanthropy, networking, and civic engagement.

Sonia Mesa Akitsu, LLC

Akitsu, LLC

Sonia Mesa |

Akitsu, LLC develops informal educational outreach curriculum designed for After School, Community-based recreation & Summer Camp programs. Elementary and Middle School age children use hands-on learning activities that focus on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with the ultimate goal of enhancing their overall level of education and confidence in learning.

Brian SawyerAllSolar Service Company

Allsolar Service Company

Brian Sawyer | www.allsolarflorida.com

Allsolar is a Florida-based design-build firm specializing in solar hot water, solar pool heating and Photovoltaic (solar-electric) Power Systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Our approach brings continuity to your solar project and includes system design, procurement, installation, interconnection, and commissioning.



John Perry | Thomas Rambo | Brandon Evers | Thomas Reed | www.altavian.com

Altavian, Inc. manufacturers and services small unmanned aircraft. Recently founded by four UF graduate students, Altavian specializes in using unmanned technology for precision scientific and engineering applications. Our systems provide high-resolution images for products like Google Earth faster and less expensively than alternatives. Targeting the civilian market, Altavian joins the growing unmanned aircraft industry in North Central Florida.

Amitec Digital Strategy

Amitec Digital Strategy

Connie Amidei | www.amitecdigital.com

AmiTec Digital Strategy & Consulting is a full-service media agency that provides unique technology and expertise to help organizations engage people in new ways. They develop and execute multi-platform digital marketing and online engagement campaigns for nonprofits, advocacy organizations, political causes, brands, and businesses. Their team has first-hand experience delivering innovative strategies.

AMPZ by Shachia

AMPZ By Shachia

Shachia Alexander |

AMPZ by Shachia plans to design custom headphones for all ages and cultural classes. Their unique designs cater to an individual’s specific needs and personality. Their customers stand to set themselves apart from the average headphone user with customized capabilities of being wired or wireless.

LeeAnn Applewhite Applied Food Technologies

Applied Food Technologies

LeeAnn Applewhite | www.appliedfoodtechnologies.com

Applied Food Technologies is a private molecular diagnostics company that specializes in species identification of seafood products. Additional services such as chemical and microbiological testing are also available. The Gainesville Office is expanding consulting, training, and contract research aspects of the company.

Arts Association of Alachua County

Arts Association Of Alachua County

Troy Rosslow | www.alachuaarts.org

Arts Association of Alachua County has a mission to promote, encourage, and support the arts in Alachua County, to marshal and adapt the community's resources to the needs of artists in the community, to enhance Alachua County as a cultural destination and a center of arts activity in Florida, to serve as cultural liaison and to work cooperatively with area artists, arts organizations, local government, area schools, the business and professional communities, and local non-arts organizations by providing services and leadership.

Awesome Fund

Awesome Fund

Michael Garrett |

The Awesome Fund provides brokerage services to non-profits specializing in micro-transactions. Members donate small amounts of money to the fund and that money gets redistributed to charities within the community. The donation amounts are low to keep it viable for many demographically.

Rida Sadrack Axios Construction Services

Axios Construction Services, LLC

Rida Sadrack | www.axioscs.com

Axios Construction Services, LLC was established in January 2009 in Orlando, Florida. Axios, which means "he is worthy" in Greek, expresses the tenets on which the company was founded: worthyness and integrity. They are committed to assisting clients in achieving the highest environmental and economic benefits for projects through the development, analysis, and evaluation of green strategies for all stages of a building's life. Axios provides an array of construction services for commercial, industrial, institutional, and sustainable facilities.

Val Leitner Blue Oven Kitchens

Blue Oven Kitchens

Val Leitner | www.blueovenkitchens.org

Blue Oven Kitchens is a kitchen incubator providing access to inspected, commercial kitchen space while also providing business support services to caterers, bakers, and those who offer cooking classes through their Referral Service Program. Local restaurants, caterers, and vendors collaborate with local farmers to create delicious food for sampling at community events and fundraisers with their Local Food Road.

Bob's Pet Sitting

Bob's Pet Sitting

Bob Thompson |

Bob’s Pet Sitting is a full-time service dedicated to providing reliable and disciplined care for animals while improving the pet’s quality of life. Service is certified by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and American Red Cross for Pet First Aid.

Cary Kendzoir Grant Kendzoir Booze Bros

Booze Bros LLC

Cary Kendzoir | Grant Kendzoir | www.boozebros.com

Booze Bros. is a socially responsible spirits courier and bartending service. Their goal is to promote safe, responsible drinking practices in the community providing efficient and convenient delivery of spirits and/or tending bar at corporate events, tailgates, holiday, birthday, and wedding events. With years of experience bartending and event marketing, Booze Bros have also developed premium cocktail beverage bundles and party packages perfect for any occasion.

Bouncin' Big

Bouncin' Big

Andrew & Emily Pridgen |

Bouncin’ Big will be an indoor bounce house facility that is unique, exhilarating, and safe housing incredibly cool bounce houses for children and grown-ups alike. They will provide amazing kids' party inflatables, interactive activities, knowledgeable staff, and a one-of-a-kind environment. Their concept was established by parents who want facilities and programs that are designed to be safe, upbeat, and truly memorable.

Jay Derenthal Cade Museum Foundation

Cade Museum Foundation

Dorrie Hipschman | www.cademuseum.org

The mission of the Cade Museum is to promote a culture of creativity and innovation. People of all ages will benefit through educational outreach programs, innovation competitions, virtual exhibits, conferences, workshops, lectures, and interactive exhibits. The actual museum, scheduled to open in 2014, will be located in Gainesville's Depot Park. Some programs have already been initiated as of January 2010.

Alison Erlenbach Campus Climate Solutions

Campus Climate Solutions

Alison Erlenbach | www.campusclimatesolutions.org

Campus Climate Solutions is dedicated to training the next generation of climate change leaders and greenhouse gas (GHG) professionals. Our main objective is to provide Gainesville residents with comprehensive training in GHG auditing, accounting and management that is both affordable and practical.

Career Analytics

Career Analytics

Mahesh Ghorpade | www.career-analytics.com

Career Analytics is a team of global industry experts with an in-depth understanding of professional trends, expectations, and ethics. Their vision is to make the best-in-class career analytics, training, and placement available to all. Career Analytics creates a support system that will lead to meaningful benefits at all professional levels.

Stephen Wycoff Robin Harpe Career Search Mentors

Career Search Mentors

Stephen Wycoff | Robin Harpe | www.careersearchmentors.com

Career Search Mentors is helping job seekers create a social media platform so recruiters and decision makers can find them faster! They help clients minimize their effort and maximize their exposure by providing top-notch career services, including expertly written resumes, targeting ideal employers, experienced interview coaching, and post-interview follow-through.

Charity Think Tank

Charity ThinkTank

Andres Figueroa | Juan Jaramillo |

The Charity Think Tank will help nonprofits accomplish their social media goals and provide brainstorming activities that will help nonprofits build a digital community where members, supporters and advocates can come together to learn more and inspire change. They also hope to explore nonprofit partnerships and the concept of community in digital space.

Children Beyond Our Borders

Children Beyond Our Borders

Priya Rudrudas | Angelica Suarez | www.chbob.org

Children Beyond Our Borders has a mission is to provide opportunities for children affected by armed conflict and social injustice to find peace, prosperity, and well being through education and empowerment. They strive to create awareness; provide educational tools that stimulate self-esteem, interest, curiosity, and innovation through mentoring & vocational education programs; and establish relationships with children, their caregivers, volunteers, and donors, as well as partnerships with universities and non-profit organizations, to improve the lives of children.

Cassandra Morrison Circle of Love

Circle Of Love

Cassandra Morrison |

The Circle of Love (COL) Tutoring Services was created to help children struggling in school.The idea is to have tutoring services that specialize in helping children with learning disabilities. At COL, it is our mission to assess each student, identify not only their missing skills but also their learning style. COL will give students the skills they are missing by breaking down skill sets into smaller parts, and enabling them to cope with varying aspects of life and school. Our goal is to give children the skills and strategies they need to succeed.

Adam Coelho Citisync, Inc.

CitiSync, Inc.

Adam Coelho | www.citisync.com

CitiSync, a service of CitiSync Media, LLC, is an easy to use social web utility that helps you stay in sync with your city and your friends. With CitiSync, making plans is as easy as setting a time and location and clicking a group of friends to invite. CitiSync is currently seeking further investment to develop new features as well as to expand sales and marketing efforts to other cities.

Elizabeth Nesbit Citizens Co-Op

Citizens Co-Op

Elizabeth Nesbit | www.citizensco-op.com

Citizen's Co-op aims to establish a natural food market focused on supplying fresh, local food and produce. The market encompasses all the bounty of a full-service grocery store, while providing socially responsible goods to the community. Citizen's Co-op hopes to build and enhance the local food system from soil to production to market to table and back to soil.

Rebecca Zaiden Corks & Colors Studio

Corks & Colors Studio

Rebecca Zaiden | www.corks-colors.com

Corks & Colors Studio provides a venue of creative entertainment for the Gainesville, FL residents. Attendees are invited to bring friends, wine, and snacks to these events while their instructor walks them through easy steps to complete their very own piece of art. Students can take it home at the end of the class, hang it on their wall, or give it as a gift.

Kim Popejoy

Dayjoy Enterprises, LLC

Kim A. Popejoy, CEO and David Tansek, CTO

The mission of Dayjoy Enterprises, LLC is to be a product and service company whose passion and business is using the latest advances in material sciences and sports physiology to maximize the safety and longevity of the athlete's body and career.

Gail JohnsonDelicious. Delivered.

Delicious Delivered

Gail Johnson | www.deliciousdeliveredgainesville.com

Delicious Delivered is a catering company that specializes in serving the highest quality ingredients utilizing local organic farms and local suppliers. In addition to catering services, they also offer personal chef services, culinary classes, and host special culinary events. In the future, they plan to organize quarterly pop-up restaurants in unique locations that will feature rotating themes and food varieties.

Adam Lawson Designs N Advance LLC/Wrist Wring

Designs N Advance, LLC / Wrist Wring™

Adam Lawson | www.wristwring.com

A new innovative company dedicated to alleviating pain and discomfort. Our revolutionary computer Wrist Wring™ support slips easily over your hand providing comfort and alleviating pain. The original Wrist Wring™ support allows full mobility and corrective posture. Our selection of colors and designs express your individuality. Original Wrist Wring™ is machine washable and stain resistant. Original Wrist Wring™ is the new answer to an old problem. Stop struggling with the useless gel pad and wrist rest. Experience the original Wrist Wring™ today!

Dolcissimo Desserts

Dolcissimo Desserts

Magdelena Reiter |

Dolcissimo Desserts was inspired by an “Heirloom” recipe handed down through nine generations of family originating in Italy. Their goal is to create rich and flavorful desserts from the “Old World”. They have a commitment towards excellence and strive to make each dessert a work of art. They have been featured in the International Fancy Food Show of New York and in "Gourmet News Magazine".

Tobin Wagstaff Drum Life

Drum Life

Tobin Wagstaff | Ginger Schantz | www.facebook.com/TheDrumLife

Drum Life believes that drumming is more than playing an instrument. It's a life style. Their mission is to share the drumming lifestyle through enriching media and information. They share educational resources directly related to drumming, the life style, and health, share a wealth of drumming history and contemporary developments, and provide drum related entertainment for events throughout the community.

Doug Prince Evolution Weaponry

Evolution Weaponry

Doug Prince | www.evolutionweaponry.com

Evolution Weaponry provides the highest quality weapons to professionals and serious enthusiasts, to support the shooting community through innovative thinking with a level of quality unmatched by most manufacturers. With actual combat training and experience, they ensure their client's ability to complete their objectives with the right equipment that will not fail due to faulty parts.

Executive Circle logo

Executive Circle Promotions, Inc.

Tony Peacock | www.executive-circle.com

The Executive Circle development team optimizes fundraising efforts with customized effective capital campaigns integrated with business community goals. They are the fundraising arm of the Annual Fifth Avenue Arts Festival and has generated thousands of dollars in funding for established and well supported projects in the community.

The Facial Pain Research Foundation

Facial Pain Research Foundation

Michael Pasternak | www.facingfacialpain.org

The Facial Pain Research Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for trigeminal neuralgia, the most painful disorder known to mankind. They are developing therapies to permanently stop other nerve-generated facial pains and diseases. The Foundation is the brainchild of seven professionals across the United States, who are creating the first international force of scientists to work together to cure an ancient, but poorly understood disease.

Paul Fiore Fiore Concepts, Inc.

Fiore Concepts, Inc.

Paul Fiore |

Fiore Concepts, Inc. coordinates quick response products. At Fiore Concepts, items are devised and produced with safety and convenience as a standard.

Kurt Morauer Florida Weatherization Training Center

Florida Weatherization Training Center

Kurt Morauer | www.floridaweatherization.org

The Florida Weatherization Training Center trains professionals in home performance and weatherization; covering residential energy efficiency and standard work practices. Certified weatherization professionals work to reduce energy costs for low-income families by improving the energy efficiency of their homes, while ensuring their health and safety. Weatherization is the practice of protecting a building from the elements, reducing energy consumption, and optimizing energy efficiency.

Friends of Alachua County Homeschoolers

Friends Of Alachua County Homeschoolers

Sunshine Moss |

Friends of Alachua County Homeschoolers (FoACH) are a nonprofit support group for all homeschooling families and groups in Alachua County. Their aim is to connect a wide variety of homeshcoolers through their website, bi-monthly meetings, and family gatherings. Together they work to develop partnerships with various organizations, to enrich the learning of homeschooling families.

Joe Dwyer FreshTek Solar

Freshtek Solar

Joe Dwyer | www.freshteksolar.com

FreshTek Energy, LLC is a statewide distributor of clean energy technology. Our core focus is in the solar thermal and photovoltaic industries. We serve our customers by providing them with high performance technology products and reliable technical support.

Douglas Crooks Fudoshin Labs

Fudoshin Labs

Douglas Crooks | www.fudoshinlabs.com

Fudoshin Labs is a design and development firm that creates unique online environments with a natural eye for clean, creative, and mesmerizing design. They provide the right tools, atmosphere, and look unique to each business. Through expertise and research, they determine what customers want, what customers like, and what customers are searching for. They connect to the essence of an idea and convey that energy to the target market of any business.

Sue Blythe Future Flash Project

Future Flash Project

Sue Blythe | www.sueblythe.com

Future Flash Project provides learning experiences for young people and adults to help create a better world through education. As a lifelong educator, Sue Blythe has served students, teachers and parents in Alachua, Bradford and Monroe Counties in addition to students all over the world via the internet. Her programs include the spiritual & social development of children and creative & peaceful learning environments.

Gainesville Fisher House

Gainesville Fisher House

Patti Fabiani, Director | www.gainesvillefisherhouse.org

The Gainesville Fisher House Foundation is a unique partnership that supports America's military in their time of medical need. The Foundation is working to build a Fisher House on the grounds of the VA Medical Center in Gainesville. This new 16,000-square foot home will have 20 all-accessible suites, an elevator and a full kitchen that will provide a "home away from home" for military members, veterans, and their families while receiving medical care.

Gainesville Food Tour

Gainesville Food Tour

Ryan Earls | Caroline Earls | www.gainesvillefoodtour.com

Gainesville Food Tour was inspired by food tours in New York City, Las Vegas, and Italy. Ryan and Caroline believe that eating, drinking, and laughing is the best way to see the city. They want visitors to Gainesville to experience all of the city’s culinary offerings and look forward to sharing local food, Gainesville history and lore, and fantastic memories with their clients!

Gamesville TableTop

Gamesville TableTop

Callie Williams |

Gamesville Tabletop will be a fabulous destination place for all table top gaming. It will primarily be a gaming place in a retail store. In the chance that a partner is found with a food license, it will also be a cafe. There will be a game library for checking out games and game experts to teach and demonstrate.

Joseph Lynn Gator Brawl

Gator Brawl

Joseph Lynn | www.gatorbrawl.com

Gator Brawl Promotions is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion company who puts on live MMA shows with a regional focus. Their Mission is to provide a venue in which fledgling Mixed Martial Artists can compete at a high level, providing outstanding entertainment for fans, and creating vast marketing opportunities for sponsors and vendors. Highly trained Medical Professionals are required by the Florida State Boxing Commission to be at every fighting event.

Gift Certificates & More

Gift Certificates & More

Edward Lavagnino | www.giftcertificatesandmore.com

Gift Certificates & More offers instant printing of gift certificates, coupons, and vouchers to areas businesses such as restaurants, dry cleaners, golf courses, spas, shops and more. For a small monthly fee, members can select the category of their choice, receive new offer notification, compare offers from competing businesses, and save hundreds of dollars all in one site. Offers are valid once per billing cycle per business.

Dr. Helen Cadiz Global Psychological Solutions

Global Psychological Solutions

Dr. Helen Cadiz | www.spc-counseling.com

Global Psychological Solutions is dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families solve their emotional problems. The company's licensed professionals provide couples a family counseling/education, psychological counseling, and psychotherapy. Within these methods of treatment, they help resolve trauma, treat sexual & substance addictions, anger management and other emotional problems. They teach couples to have fun, enhance intimacy and enjoy each other's company.

Global Connek

Global Connek

Carl Phillip | www.globalconnek.com

GlobalConnek has a mission to become the leading force in new technology that will dramatically increase the recall response rate, fiercely combat counterfeiting, and simultaneously raise the bar of consumer awareness. Additionally, they are the only company in the market that offers all of these solutions in one platform. Their aim is to greatly reduce the number of threats that dangerous consumer products and counterfeiters pose to societies and economies around the world.

Jessica Bent Glow Gators

Glow Gators Mobile Sunless Tanning

Jessica Bent | www.glowgators.com

Glow Gators is a mobile sunless tanning company that provides quality tanning in the convenience of the client's home, office, salon, or on location for special events. They use top tier tanning solutions to develop a dark tan that appears identical to a natural tan. Trained and certified through the National Tanning Training Institute, Glow Gators provides tanning that is custom applied to meet the needs of any skin type and figure.

Gregg Hedley Tom Griffin Graphic Solutions

Graphic Solutions

Gregg Hedley | Tom Griffin | www.createweb.biz

Graphic Solutions will enhance personal and business lives by facilitating there media presence through web development (creating and maintaining the website) and social media. Their specialization will be towards the specific needs and legal guidelines required for law professionals in regards to interacting with the public. Their knowledge and expertise will allow them to be an asset to the legal and civil workforce in our community.

Kevin Veach Green Energy Options

Green Energy Options

Kevin Veach | www.greenenergyoptions.biz

Green Energy Options provides Energy Audits and Home Performance Contracting for Gainesville, Alachua, High Springs, Micanopy, Ocala, Jacksonville, and Tampa, Florida. Their mission is to help clients create the healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient homes they desire. They can help with high energy bills, drafty or uncomfortable rooms, and indoor air quality issues. A professional, comprehensive home diagnostic is the first step to correcting these problems.

The Ground Guys

Grounds Guys Landscape Management

Jeff Kirtley | www.gainesville.groundsguys.com/

The Grounds Guys of Gainesville provide professional lawn care services for single family residences and commercial accounts in the Gainesville area. They are locally owned, operated, and are ready to meet all landscape maintenance needs. Whether it's mowing, mulching, or simply fall and spring cleanup, The Grounds Guys of Gainesville are standing by with a wide array of lawn care services to help put the best face on any home or business.

Sarah Morsey
Gville Valet

Gville Valet

Sara Morsey | www.gvillevalet.com

Gville Valet is a personal assistant and shopping service serving the Gainesville area. Clients are able to gain back their free time by hiring the services of a trusted personal assistant and shopper. Gville Valet is fully insured and attempts to enhance the lifestyles of those in our community by running errands and completing personal tasks to relieve the stress of having to do everything ourselves.

Hearts Desire Logo

Heart's Desire, Inc.

Kalisha Eagle | www.freetobme.org

Heart's Desire Special Needs Resource and Referral Center is a nonprofit organization for families to receive services, referrals, and caregiver relief. They offer hourly respite care, personal care assistance, transportation services, job coaching and training services, small business development consulting, computer training, and more.

Homeschool Resource Center

Homeschool Resource Center

Sunshine Moss |

The Homeschoolers Resource Center is a nonprofit support group for all homeschooling families and groups in Alachua County. Their aim is to connect a variety of homeschoolers through their website, bi-monthly meetings, and gatherings. Together they work to develop partnerships with various organizations, to enrich the learning of homeschooling families.

Immersed Games logo

Immersed Games

Ryan Troph | www.immersedgames.com

The vision of Immersed Games is to create educational multiplayer online games in which students develop unique characters to play their way into learning educational content and skills. Still in its beginning stages, its founders are constantly developing ideas and beginning prototypes as they finish their degrees.

Stuart Norton Indewater, LLC

Indewater, LLC

Stuart Norton |

IndeWater provides water resource management services to local municipalities. While they have a broad background in water resources, they specialize in aquifer storage and recovery. Their focus is providing a high level of service to assist communities with adopting an alternative water supply strategy, while minimizing costs by reducing the current overhead (administrative) burdens of the industry. Thereby, project budgets can be refocused on the capital required to bring the system online.

Institute of Rehabilitation & Training

Institute of Rehabilitation & Training

Jamie Pomeranz |

Institute Of Rehabilitation & Training promotes educational opportunities and research for the rehabilitation field and community providers serving people with disabilities. They provide education, information and resources for state agencies, community organizations, industries, businesses and policy makers.

Jennifer Colon-Kochert Intelli Investigations, LLC

Intelli Investigations, LLC

Jennifer Colon-Kochert | www.intelligentbackgrounds.com

Intelli Investigations, LLC is a licensed private investigation agency that offers background screening and investigative services for individuals and businesses throughout the community with a focus on non-profits and professional trade type organizations. Their mission is to protect what matters most by providing the highest quality of information, excellent customer service, an extensive network of private and governmental databases, contacts, and resources, and a guaranteed competitive price with unsurpassed turnaround time.

Nurses Intervention

Intervention Project For Nurses

Linda Eversole |

Intervention Project for Nurses provides nurses with consistent, collective expression of caring and support for the individuals who struggle with drug addiction. They introduce the entire family to recovery and healing, with no shame or blame involved.

Inga Brown ISEC Services

ISEC Services

Inga Brown | www.ISECservices.com

ISEC Services was founded primarily as a means to provide administrative support to start-up companies and pre-existing small companies. One of ISEC Services' objectives is to help keep the overhead expenses for business owners low and inexpensive. ISEC Services has over 25 years combined experience of serving in areas of Human Resources, Marketing & Sales, Finance, and Public Relations.

IV Composites, Inc.

IV Composites, Inc.

Julius Regalado |

IV Composites, Inc. provides engineering services for material design and manufacturing. Their products incorporate objects well-suited for high performance aerospace applications. They also offer composite solutions for low cost construction materials manufactured from sustainable resources that are reusable and recyclable.

Jay-Jill Cosmetics

Jay-Jill Cosmetics

Jill St. Williams | www.jay-jillcosmetics.com

Jay-Jill Cosmetics specializes in affordable, quality cosmetics and skin care products for women of color. Jay-Jill Cosmetics is distributed online and through National Conventions. Jay-Jill Products come in a collection of extreme and professional colors targeting the average mainstream consumer, working mothers, teens, students, professional makeup artists, celebrities and models alike.

Andre Jordan Jordan Fitzgerald Life Insurance Agency

Jordan Fitzgerald Life Insurance Agency

Andre F. Jordan |

Jordan Fitzgerald is an independent life insurance agency that focuses on advising clients on life insurance products based on suitability and retirement planning via life insurance and annuities. The goal is to educate clients on the importance of protecting loved ones with adequate life insurance and financial protection. Andre F. Jordan is owner and president with over 10 years of experience in the life insurance industry.

Kids Need More Art

Kids Need More Art

Karen Noble | www.kidsneedmoreart.com

Kids Need More Art is a teacher-created, advocacy-based children's art studio offering classes, camps, programs, and more. Programs are taught by certified art teachers who are not only passionate about what they do, but are true advocates for the visual arts in our schools. Evolving art curriculums are designed to be fun and engaging, while combining discipline-based art education with real-life, academic connections.

The Kindness Cookie Company

The Kindness Cookie Company

Susan Thiele | www.thekindnesscookiecompany.com

The Kindness Cookie Company makes home-made, designer cookies for all events. They include a message, a "fortunate" cookie, to share the fun, thrill, and inspiration of receiving wit and wisdom in a cookie, especially ones baked by those who can teach such profound life lessons. Kindness never tasted so good! The Kindness Cookie Company, in partnership with the Arc of Alachua County, is a program of The Kindness Co-op, which is an organization that promotes the culture of caring through mentors and community members with developmental disabilities.

Kite & Key Electric, LLC

Kite & Key Electric, LLC

Andy Velopulos | www.kiteandkeyelectric.com

Kite and Key Electric, LLC are licensed and insured to take care of electrical issues in service, residential, and light commercial areas. Their services include wiring new homes, rewiring older homes, installing recess cans, pendant lighting, sconces, and ceiling fans, troubleshooting wiring faults, adding cable locations, computer locations, phone/fax locations, home theater installation including surround sound and flat screen wall mounting.

Leading Edge Agency

Leading Edge Agency

Ronald Kless | www.leadingedgewebagency.com

Leading Edge Agency provides business owners with expert advice and execution on marketing solutions, collaborating with clients up-front to decide how, when and where to invest marketing dollars. Their goal will be to provide a marketing plan designed around the goals of the client and that is result-driven.

Legal Docster

Legal Docster, Inc.

Brenda McCaslin |

Legal Docster is a paralegal company providing legal professionals, small businesses, and pro se clients with accurate, efficient and economical document preparation services. Legal Docster prepares pleadings, responses, letters and memorandum for a portion of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Life Coaching for Clarity logo

Life Coaching For Clarity

Gilda Sall | www.anunclutteredspace.com

Life Coaching for Clarity is a decluttering service that provides a high level of support, motivation, and assistance for those who need to dispose of unwanted items. They offer life coaching that will lead to creating an organized environment so clients can live an enjoyable and happier life.

LifeNet Systems

LifeNet Systems, Inc.

Mary Ohlfs |

LifeNet Systems, Inc., will commercialize NASA technology to create net roadway barriers to replace concrete and steel barriers. LifeNet barriers are taller and softer than existing barriers. Concrete and steel barriers are dangerous and often cause extensive vehicle damage and fatalities. LifeNet barriers will stop a vehicle traveling 80 mph within eight feet safely and securely.

Emilee MacDonald Magnificent Solutions

MacNificent Solutions

Emilee MacDonald | www.macnificent-solutions.com/

Emilee MacDonald puts the 'MAC' in MacNificent Solutions – a comprehensive marketing strategy and management company. As CEO & founder she leads her team in helping small businesses identify their marketing needs, create the necessary infrastructure to accomplish their goals and present a unified marketing front. They handle every component of a plan from creating promotional events, media buying, networking, social media, and public relations efforts. MacDonald’s professional theatre background as both an artist and Arts Manager blended with her work as a leading broadcast consultant brings a unique perspective to a crowded industry.

Maito Interactive, LLC

Maito Interactive, LLC

Avi Leavitt | Jeremy Fowers | Anthony Albritton | www.maitointeractive.com

Maito Interactive, LLC is a mobile application development company that seeks to enrich the mobile application market with much needed nourishment. They create a rich platform of mobile applications and services that are innovative, fun, and easy-to-use by combining novel ideas and elegant designs that connect people together and provide entertainment or enjoyment to others.

Jim Capen Travis Butcher The Mastermind Advantage

The Mastermind Advantage, Inc.

Jim Capen | Travis Butcher | www.themastermindadvantage.biz/

A mastermind group is a small group of individuals committed to helping each other succeed. The group meets regularly to brainstorm, problem solve, share resources, give feedback, offer advice, and provide encouragement, as well as hold each other accountable for achieving goals. The Mastermind Advantage provides the training, tools, and inspiration for individuals to lead a successful mastermind group. Learn more about how a mastermind group can supercharge your success at themastermindadvantage.biz.

Mercury Authentications, Inc.

Mercury Authentications, Inc.

Robert Yancy, Jr., M.D. | www.mercuryauthentications.com

Mercury Authentications has an objective to set the standard in easy signature compliance for medical records. With their secure and encrypted procedure, no new hardware or software is required for facilities to get signatures authenticated in a quick, easy, and secure manner. Their system fits well into normal medical workflow, saves hours of administrative, clerical, and physician time, and improves patient safety.

Mike Hill Mike Hill Construction

Mike Hill Construction

Mike Hill | www.mikehillconstruction.com

Mike Hill Construction is a Gainesville based construction firm that uses proactive and preventative techniques to increase the value, safety, and beauty of homes. Their specializations include; exterior and interior repairs, wheelchair accessibility modifications, remodeling room additions, and energy efficient upgrades.

Mobile Mongo

Mobile Mongo

Mark Fazzini | www.MyGolfVIP.com

Mobile Mongo is a local tech startup in Gainesville that specializes in location-based advertising using smartphone, web, and SMS technologies. They have developed a unique new service that is free and allows students to receive real-time text message deals from local businesses, ONLY when they want them. Mobile Mongo is a subsidiary of Exquisite Media Services, LLC.

Multi-Medium Solutions, LLC

Multi-Medium Solutions, LLC

William Anderson | www.multi-medium-solutions.com

Multi-Medium Solutions is a strategic development consulting firm providing services to address the needs of the modern client. They strive to improve the operations, quality of services and market presence of small to medium sized businesses by providing company assessments, detailed recommendations, and follow-up support. They strive to foster a more sustainable local economy and create stronger networks for businesses throughout north central Florida.

Nayak, LLC

Nayak, LLC

Siddhartha Nayak |

Nayak, LLC is working on a consumer generated media (CGM) model that will unite two or more individuals on knowledge bandwidth. It will not only bridge different mindsets, but produce large amounts of digital data on the behavior patterns of its users while generating commerce and “reverse selling”. Their objective is to engage the local workforce, convert the idea into product, and fulfill consumer benefits. The name of the product is yet to be determined. Nayak, LLC has over 20 years of experience in the area of information technology, including large-enterprise IT consulting and business application.

Joseph Grutta Nautic Studios

Nautic Studios

Joseph Grutta | www.nauticstudios.com

Nautic Studios is a team of developers and designers with a keen eye for striking design and an instinct for web marketing. They specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses do better online. Their result-focused services enable clients to see increased traffic, enquiries, and sales. Nautic Studios also gives back to the community, with student development programs and internships.

Zep Augustine Next Level Sports and Fitness

Next Level Sports & Fitness

Zep Augustine | www.nlsfitness.com

Next level Sports and Fitness is a premier Athletic and Fitness training organization providing knowledge based training geared towards the regular Joe or student athlete looking to improve their game. They strive to enhance their clients physically, mentally, and spiritually using methods of the world's most elite athletes along with proprietary routines. Next Level Sports and Fitness has developed an extremely simple and effective method of achieving insurmountable goals thought before to be unreachable.

New Media Man

New Media Man

Jeffrey Kaplan | www.thenewmediaman.com

New Media Man is a social media manager created to help small business owners take full advantage of all the opportunities available to them using media. They increase business traffic and brand awareness across popular social sites while offering software services, video production, podcasting, web design, and Photoshop. They also offer social site tutoring for businesses and their staff to empower you to use these sites effectively.

Nightingale Institute logo

Nightingale Institute For Optimum Health

Dari Smith |

The mission of Nightingale Institute for Optimum Health is to promote research and prevention of diseases through healthy lifestyles and environments. The primary focus is obesity and the related health consequences through research, education, and policy. The Nightingale Institute for Optimum Health provides an important perspective and offers solutions to preventable health problems.

Kenneth Johnson No Limit Outreach Foundation

No Limit Outreach Foundation

Kenneth Johnson | www.nolimitoutreachfoundation.org

No Limit Outreach Foundation is dedicated to motivate and prepare at-risk youths to become independent in the community. Their mission is to empower youth and adults through education in vocational and various life skills. It is the goal of No Limit Outreach Foundation to evaluate, create, and implement stable and sound solutions using current teaching methods in a safe environment.

Kari Brill Nonprofit Center of North Central Florida

NonProfit Center of North Central Florida

Kari Brill | www.ncncf.org

The mission of the Nonprofit Center of North Central Florida is to cultivate support, growth and community awareness to assist nonprofit organizations in fulfilling their missions. Their vision is to strengthen the nonprofit sector in Alachua County and contiguous counties. They have an educational focus on collaboration, advocacy, leadership development, and board governance.

Nurse Report

Nurse Report

Betsy Potocik | Mark Venzke

Nurse Report has developed a program that will allow nurses to rate physicians. The program was created with the intent of providing a more objective view of physicians. This idea is a result of Startup Weekend in which Nurses Report won third place. Participants pitched ideas for innovative businesses and then formed teams to develop the most popular ideas during a weekend of exhaustive entrepreneurial development.

Daniel Sosa Ocoos.com


Ryan McCabe | Daniel Sosa | www.ocoos.com

Ocoos.com offers internet environments for people with specific interests to go and read the most relative news and get great product and service offerings, all while communicating with people who enjoy their specific interest! Their mission is to make the internet a more manageable and relevant place for any interest and change the way people use the Internet to fulfill their needs. They believe that finding information on topics that excite you should be fast, fun, and enjoyable!

Orchard Arms logo

Orchard Arms, LLC

Luke Williams | www.orchardarms.com

The mission of Orchard Arms, LLC is to produce innovative, premium quality firearms for hunting, hiking, survival, and self-defense. Using a select grade of metal components, they have created five firearm designs to be produced along with two provisional patent applications for technologies that give the company a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Jimmy Hackley Organo Gold

Organo Gold

Jimmy Hackley | www.oggainesville.com

Organo Gold's mission is to improve the health, wealth, and balance in people's lives by sharing the knowledge of a healthy alternative to regular coffee. The Gainesville branch of OG plans to open a cafe that distributes a variety of dry beverages including coffees and teas to consumers and retailers in the community.

Park Smooth

Park Smooth

Matt Carroll | Guillermo Valle | www.parksmooth.com

ParkSmooth is an online auction-style marketplace to rent individual parking spaces. It eliminates the hassle of event parking by providing you with the exact location of the space and the distance of the space from the destination. The price is determined online to ease the process of haggling in the lawns of homeowners. The ParkSmooth marketplace also allows visitors to arrange event parking before they arrive into town.

Peer Innovations, LLC

Peer Innovations, LLC

Pamela Runge | www.mypeerinnovation.com

Peer Innovations, LLC offers customized business solutions to provide a clear pathway to success. With over 20 years of proven results in business strategy, sales & marketing, product sourcing, marketing and business development, and continuing education, they believe positive living in balanced moderation for all things is valued.

Ardre Orie Pink Wish Foundation

Pink Wish Foundation

Ardre Orie | Joann Jenkins | www.pinkwishfoundation.org

The Pink Wish Foundation, Inc is a non-profit organization serving Florida and Georgia dedicated to empowering the girls of today and women of tomorrow through etiquette. The Pink Wish Vision is to create generations of women who are financially responsible leaders prepared to give and serve in their communities. The Pink Wish Foundation, Inc. provides a series of programs for growth and development through etiquette instruction, academic excellence, community outreach and economic empowerment.

Pivotal Productions

Pivotal Productions

Peter Byatt | Tim Hall

Pivotal Productions is an innovative video production company offering professional services in Marketing, Corporate Development, Promotional, Education, and Real Estate. They bring a unique style of videography, personable attitude, and diligent work ethic to each project. They offer a full range of services including scheduling, shooting, editing, and video graphics. These ingredients are at the root of the company's excellent reputation, popularity, and success. Without fail, Pivotal Productions provides a professional yet personal experience.

Kim Stroman Pocketbook Magazine

Pocketbook Magazine

Kimberly Stroman | www.pocketbookmagazine.com

As the only local publication for women, Pocketbook brings together the best resources and information to enhance the career, style and life of every reader. The bi-monthly magazine by women, for women, is the local woman’s source for relevant information to make the most of her time and enhance the quality of life for her and her family.

Primavera Lunch Box

Primavera Lunch Box

Paula Viveros | www.primaveralunchbox.org/

Primavera Lunch Box provides healthy lunches and snacks for toddlers and preschoolers. The menu contains a variety of nutritious and delicious foods including fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and protein. Their mission is to provide busy parents with healthy and balanced lunch/snack alternatives for their small children.

Clarence Millsip Pristine Clean Carpets, Inc.

Pristine Clean Carpets

Clarence Millsip | www.pristinecleancarpets.com

Pristine Clean Carpets, Inc. offers professional, commercial, and residential carpet cleaning services for Alachua County. Every successful PCCI servicing begins with quality staff personnel that are friendly and ecologically-conscious. They take pride in creating green jobs for our community and local economy. PCCI's cleaning strategy consists of a unique rapid dry cleaning process with over 20 years of experience in carpet care and floor maintenance services.

Kim Popejoy Protect Gainesville's Citizens

Protect Gainesville's Citizens

Kim Popejoy | www.protectgainesville.org

Protect Gainesville's Citizens, Inc. (PGC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the flow and accuracy of information regarding the Cabot Carbon/Koppers Superfund site located near the intersection on NW 23rd Avenue and Main Street. PGC was founded to unite those who share concern over public health and safety, loss of property value, and other quality of life impacts attributed to the pollution originating from the Cabot/Koppers site.


Pure Grace

Janna Harned | www.puregrace.net

Pure Grace offers all natural and organic solutions and products to people who want to eliminate toxins for their lifestyle. The will ultimately feature hair and skin care products, candles, and natural teas while remaining open to other products that fit their ideals and client base.

Aaron Gibbs PVB Enterprises

PVB Enterprises

Aaron Gibbs | www.pvbenterprises.com

PVB Enterprises provides professional and environmentally sound solar panel cleaning and maintenance services, saving consumers time and money. Using a meticulous cleaning process, they assist clients with the removal of debris build-up from panel surfaces and maintaining panel efficiency, which is necessary to meet the guidelines required by all solar panel manufacturers in order to honor solar panel warranties. Plus, regular solar panel cleaning and maintenance saves clients thousands of dollars. They strive to create long-lasting personal customer relationships throughout the community.

Austin Cooley Quilt


Austin Cooley | Nicko Cunningham | qui.lt

Quilt is a mobile app that acts as a real-time digital scrapbook built by close family and friends. The app allows users to create "Quilts" which "stitch together" moments from their lives, providing sharing and privacy settings along the way. Within each Quilt, users can designate which members they'd like to invite or share with and whether memories can be seen by a group the broader public.

Reichert House

Reichert House Ice Cream Shop

Roberta Gastmeyer | www.reicherthouse.org

The Reichert House Ice Cream Shop provides youths with the opportunity to acquire skills that can later be applied to their own businesses and make them more competitive in the job market. Participants are taught all aspects of the business before they work, including liability insurance, payroll, balancing a check book, cash flow, and how to serve the public. The Ice Cream Shop is a project of the Reichert House Youth Academy, which helps youths develop, achieve, and maintain a positive lifestyle free from substance abuse and crime while giving them the life skills needed to become exceptional citizens in the community.

Right Path Transport

Right Path Transport

Tim Hogan | www.rightpathtransport.com

Right Path Transport offers a full array of non-medical transportation services for the physically and mentally challenged as well as elderly and disabled transportation throughout North Florida. Providing licensed and insured wheelchair, stretcher, and ambulatory transportation services to and from area airports, hospitals, dialysis, doctors' offices, X-ray and radiation visits as well as occupational and physical therapy treatments. Right Path Transport provides its clients with the most up to date, safety oriented transportation available with a wide range of non-emergency stretcher vans, cars, minivans, and wheelchair vans with wheelchair lifts to meet the needs of our community.

Root.Fruit.Flower logo


Randall McClelland | Michelle Mangini | www.rootfruitflower.com

Root.Fruit.Flower creates a gourmet food producer that provides herbal-infused, omega-rich fruit spreads and preserves using all natural ingredients, the fruit itself being the main ingredient. Their vision is to engage each individual palate by combining unique herbs and familiar fruits into blends that create a burst of savory flavor.

School Notes Logo

School Notes Magazine

Gayle Perry | www.schoolnotesmagazine.org

School Notes Magazine is a magazine created by teachers for parents. The digest sized parenting magazine travels home with students every month. It includes educational articles, effective learning strategies, monthly art contest, local advertisements, and coupons. The goal is to equip parents with the right tools to educate children.

Tanya Chappell Secure Investments Realty

Secure Investments Realty & Management Corporation

Tanya Chappell | www.secureinvestmentsrealty.com

Secure Investments Realty & Management Corp. provides quality, proactive full service real estate specializing in investment properties throughout the Gainesville area, including . They believe in working closely with clients to identify their individual needs and goals in an effort to bring value to their investments, as well as confidence and security to their well-being.

Self Esteem Revolution

Self-Esteem Revolution

Ulrike Bening | www.selfesteem

Self-Esteem Revolution believes that to be successful, psychological fitness is just as important as physical fitness. They provide expert guidance and encouragement through simple, effortless exercises that raise self-confidence and strength while helping participants overcome shyness, anxiety, fear, procrastination, and other social obstacles. The result is reduced stress and a sense of empowerment.

Eunice Coughlin Simple Internet Strategies

Simple Internet Strategies

Eunice Coughlin | www.simple-internet-strategies.com

Simple Internet Strategies helps small business owners connect with more customers using online marketing strategies and tools. Their methods include an exploration of the client's goals for thier business and how online marketing fits in to their growth strategies. They follow up with an in-depth analysis of their client's current online presence and recommended strategies for acquiring new customers through an online marketing and social media channels.

SmartBlock logo


Sean Butler |

Smart Block addresses the growing concerns with secret and unauthorized data collection by private business' and governmental agencies. Our patented technology protects your private data from being recorded and analyzed accurately. Smart Block's goal is to make significant contributions in the realm of personal and commercial privacy.

Stickcore, Inc.

Stickcore Design Haus

David Kim | Peter Kim | www.stickcore.com

Stickcore is a web design house that focuses on creating a real relationship with its clients and their companies to be of better service when needed. We understand you are busy running your business, why not let us worry about your web presence. If you are looking for a low price, high quality website, and of course a friendly face, you are at the right place at the right time. Check out our promotions that will give you a perfect website to your specifications to help make the best use of online media.

Strategic Motion

Strategic Motion

Hadley Price | www.strategicmotion.net

Strategic Motion plans to design, program, and develop a stand-alone application that will assist micro-businesses and individuals in the highly effective touch-point process of business strategy and development. They plan to launch an app that will build structure and provide the user with graphical interfaces and screens for implementation.

Kristen Hadeed Student Maid

Student Maid

Kristen Hadeed | www.studentmaid.com

Student Maid is a professional cleaning and concierge service that uses high end commercial products and green products upon request. Through extensive training programs, detailed checklists, and exceptional customer feedback systems, Student Maid aims to go above and beyond the expectations of a typical cleaning service. They also offer babysitting, house sitting, pet sitting, dog walking, party preparation and clean up, and organization.

Summit Care Therapy logo

Summit Care Therapy

Sami Haj | www.summitcaretherapy.com

Summit Care Therapy, LLC is a recruitment firm specializing in the placement of health care professionals in public school districts. This is the first vendor management system designed to meet the specific needs of school districts and simplify the process of obtaining health care professionals at a lower cost with higher wages to the professional vendor.

Jarred Mussen Swamp Fitness

Swamp Fitness

Jarred Mussen | www.facebook.com/Swamp-Fitness.com

Swamp Fitness offers services that focus on removing all possible barriers that prevent people from being physically active. They prescribe a safe and fun program that is personalized to help each client reach his/her goals. They travel to the preferred location during the preferred time of the client to save them time. Swamp Fitness also offers training classes for individuals, small groups and large groups.

Kurt Morauer Targeted Training Solutions

Targeted Training Solutions

Kurt Morauer | www.ttsworks.com

Targeted Training Solutions provides training for entry-level workers in the construction industry by focusing on construction programs that are relevant and meet the industry's needs and standards. They offer skilled crafts for workers in trades such as carpentry, electrical, masonry and plumbing. They use a state-of-the-art mobile training unit to boost opportunities for workers to build the skills and credentials needed in the field.

Angela Mobley Tasty Oasis

Tasty Oasis

Angela Mobley |

Tasty Oasis is a specialty catering service, providing colorful, unique, and interactive candy buffets and sweet dessert tables. Not only specializing in creating one of a kind visual displays, they also pride themselves in providing a sweet and fun experience. Their services can be used for a wide variety of events: Weddings, Corporate Events, Product Launches, Proms, Charity Events, Birthday Parties and much more.

Amir Rubin Techshido


Amir Rubin | www.techshido.com

Tecshido is a web and application development company, founded by Amir Rubin, who also co-founded Peoria, a local technology company. Tecshido applies a lean and agile development philosophy and taps into the local talent available at both the University of Florida and Santa Fe College.

Third World Relief Organization

3WRO - Third World Relief Organization

Nick Gilboy | www.thirdworldrelief.org

The Third World Relief Organization, or 3WRO (pronounced "three row") is a community for those who truly want to be the change in the world. They connect with like-minded people in an online forum, raise funds for organizations, and sell T-shirts and apparel in which proceeds from every item go towards third world relief efforts. No matter what you do on 3WRO, trust that you are starting a movement greater than any one of us.

Touche's Touch logo

Touché's Touch

Charles Touché |

Touché's Touch provides an expert range of lawn care and landscape design services. Maintenance includes regular grass mowing, trimming, weed whacking, and edging so that clients are left with a pristine-looking manicured lawn. They also offer customized landscaping design services and develop a plan based on the unique features of the client's home and outdoor space.

True Green Cleaning logo

True Green Cleaning Services

Delton Hines |

True Green Cleaning Service, Inc. is a locally owned, professional residential and commercial cleaning service. They provide a wide variety of cleaning and domestic services to businesses, homeowners, and students in the Gainesville area including mobile auto detailing, lawn care, and pressure washing.

Truffle Cake Company

Truffle Cake Company

Miriam Hart | www.thetrufflecakeco.com

The Truffle Cake Company is a family-operated dessert emporium that specializes in unique bite-sized treasures which allows customers to experience a variety of tempting flavors. They add a simple yet elegant touch to any office party, holiday gathering, or special event. They also offer personalized truffles with holiday greetings, birthday wishes, or company logos.

Kristy Bickmeyer Twinkletoes Nanny Agency

Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency

Kristy Bickmeyer | www.twinkletoesnanny.com

Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency provides families with fully screened, experienced, and highly dependable nannies. They offer nannies that have passed a criminal background check, civil background check, drug test, SSN verification, driving record check, and are all CPR/First Aid certified. Whether needed 60 hours a week or 4 hours a month, they provide the highest level of childcare and customer service, finding the perfect fit for every family.



Claudia Milz |

Uraptor is dedicated to manufacturing the highest standard of quality in human utility devices and is committed to making a difference in the lives of people who use their products. Their practical devices can be used by athletes, explorers, hospitals, and nursing homes, are easy to apply, and are designed to eliminate glue, leaks, cumbersome clean-up, and discomfort.



Joshua Cook | www.vertioso.me

Vertioso will be a marketplace to buy and sell "How To" guides. While they plan to focus on the Information Technology industry at first, they are preparing to expand to other areas that have a marketplace for step-by-step technical guides. The site will allow users to rate and review guides, so that guides that are complete, clear and well written will rise to the top, and get more sales for the author.

Virtually There Learning

Virtually There Learning

Glynn Hayes | www.virtuallytherelearning.com

Virtually There Learning is a nonprofit corporation. The company was created to promote science and social education through the production of interactive virtual tours and accompanying hands-on kits of scientifically and culturally interesting locations. VTL is staffed by all volunteers including science and teaching students.

Matthew Tenney Wanna Save The World, Inc.

Wanna Save The World, Inc.

Matthew Tenney | www.wannasavetheworld.com

Wanna Save The World, Inc. was founded by author, speaker, and coach, Matthew Tenney. Via public talks, workshops, and books, Matthew shares practical, mindfulness-based tools for creating numerous, highly valuable benefits that organizations seek in order to achieve greater success. In addition to improving personal and organizational performance, mindfulness helps people to become happier, more kind, and more compassionate, which are the most important aspects of creating a better world. In keeping with our mission, Wanna Save The World, Inc. donates 100% of net profits each year to non-profit organizations.

Michael Wear WEAR Interactive

WE|AR Interactive

Michael Wear | www.wearinteractive.com

WE|AR Consulting is full-service web and digital marketing firm that specializes in creating beautiful, functional websites that use technological innovation to keep things simple and cost-effective. They create custom marketing campaigns and solutions for target audiences by smartly utilizing innovative tools and other resources. Wear Consulting will then recommend and implement a custom grouping of services that range from search engine optimization, logo redesign to email marketing.

Farbod Fakhraee Bill Lewis WebFleck.com

Webfleck, LLC

Farbod Fakhraee | Bill Lewis | www.webfleck.com

WebFleck is a web development firm focused on providing complete web solutions for individuals and institutions. They work closely with clients from the initial planning stages to the completion and launch of a project implementing front end web design, graphic design, corporate identity, content management or app development. The WebFleck team provides the appropriate support and training to suit every customer's level of web experience.

Charlotte Mendez Witts Solutions, Inc.

Witts Solutions, Inc.

Charlotte Mendez | www.witts-solutions.org

Witts Solutions, Inc. provides counseling and resources to property owners that are at risk with a concentration on areas that are sources for HUD development, whose goal is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. The mission of Witts Solutions, Inc. is to empower residents to obtain personal growth through education, social development, and access to resources.



Dwight Winfield | www.myworedrobe.tumblr.com

Wordrobe is a unique social network that spotlights fashion. It allows users to search clothing styles in detailed categories, find results locally,and decrease the time spent shopping by knowing exactly what stores offer through Wordrobe's website or mobile application. They will also feature a social component that allows profilers to share their sense of fashion by posting photos, which allows their friends to recommend or rate their selections by giving everyone their own personal style team.

Youth Combine

Youth Combine

Matthew Howland | www.youthcombine.org

Youth Combine strives to empower all youth with the values of hard work, dedication, and responsibility through high intensity athletic training and fitness education. Their mission also works toward ending childhood obesity and juvenile delinquency in the city. They are committed to empowering youth with the necessary values to become productive and contributing members of society in adulthood.

Austin Cooley Youtorial Market

Youtorial Market, Inc.


Austin Cooley | www.youtorialmarket.com

Youtorial Market, Inc. is a web-based software training platform that allows its users to learn from the best software experts in the world. Their unique platform is a true participation-oriented hands-on learning platform, offering massive improvements over watching typical software video tutorials in a web browser. They strive to improve proficiency and productivity when using software, leading to less frustration and more enjoyment in any environment.