Entrepreneur Incubating Companies

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Ameraucana Pizzeria logo

Ameraucana Pizzeria

Billy Kipersztok | bkipersztok@gmail.com

Ameraucana Pizzeria is a full service wood-fired pizzeria specializing in pre-industrial style wild yeast sourdough pizza made with authentic san marzano tomato sauce. They provide a fun atmosphere, fresh ingredients, and a close-knit staff dedicated to creating an experience to leave you happy, full, and excited to come back again.

Carsten Schmalfuss Krista Vandenborne Balance 180

Balance 180

Carsten Schmalfuss | Krista Vandenborne | www.balance180.org

Balance 180 provides instruction and training for children and young adults, with varying needs and abilities, in gymnastics and other sports programs. Their programs will be intentionally designed to improve each child's athletic ability, teach important life skills, and balance sports and academic achievement. They will offer adaptive programs for children with special needs, sponsor able-bodied and disabled athletes who require financial assistance, and offer exercise programs targeting childhood obesity. They will also organize activities to promote the benefits of exercise and responsible training to the general public.

Biomolecular Works, Inc.

Biomolecular Works, Inc. (BMWI)

Bruce Williams |

BioMolecular Works, Inc. is the leader in Sickle Cell Anemia research in the Gainesville area. They have over 40 years of experience in biochemistry, record management, and clinical laboratory procedure. Founder, Bruce Williams, discovered a cure for Sickle Anemia and the procedure to control the mutated hemoglobin gene (HbgS).



Terri Bailey | www.Blaac2basics@cox.net

Bailey Learning and Arts Collective (BLAAC) specializes in community event organizing, consultations, arts advocacy, and social entrepreneurial opportunities. The goal of BLAAC is to have a significant impact in our area by educating the community, organizing like-minded individuals, and keeping the community involved.

Central Information Display

Central Information Display (CID)

Trevor Ward | www.CIDverse.com

Central Information Display (CID) is a cloud-based app that helps businesses manage all of the computers in their network. One of the fundamental principles of CID is to simplify IT problems. CID distills large networks of computers into data visualizations that are intuitive, allowing anyone to find and prevent computer errors.

ClaimFound logo


Christoffer Prompovitch | Nicholas Derobertis | www.claimfound.com

Claimfound is a web application that provides transparency and automation to the unclaimed property industry. State treasury departments hold an estimated $60 billion in unclaimed property, to include life insurance policies of deceased relatives, forgotten utility deposits, never received tax returns and any other source of income that has been "lost in translation". Claimfound simultaneously cross references every unclaimed property database in the country, finding all of your claims. After which, it provides one centralized place where you can upload your documents, e-sign your claim forms, and simultaneously submit to multiple states. Claimfound takes the hassle out of following a different, manual claim process in each state.

Construction & Design Professional Academy

Construction & Design Professional Academy

Gary Miner |

Construction & Design Professional Academy will provide top quality business coaching and professional development services. They believe that most small businesses and entrepreneurs suffer from a lack of training, development resources, and the knowledge to focus their business from an ownership perspective. Construction & Design Professional Academy can improve upon these weaknesses.

Essence Events logo

Essence Events

Erma Sams | www.essenceevents.net

Essence Events is a professional wedding service whose goal is to guide their clients through perfectly well planned events. They handle every detail, freeing clients and their families to enjoy every moment. Whether the event is large or small, simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary, they provide peace of mind in knowing that they are there to make sure everything is handled beautifully.

Florida Fun Bikes

Florida Fun Bikes

Amber Shelton |

Florida Fun Bikes are 100% pedal powered and an eco-friendly way to see Gainesville. All tours will be two hours; private parties are encouraged to rent the bikes for themselves, or individuals, couples, and small parties under six people are welcome to find a mixer tour and meet new friends. Florida Fun Bikes actively partner with Residents, local businesses and non-profits interested in bike safety, the environment, and most of all having FUN!

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council serves approximately 13,000 girls and adults all across North Florida, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. The council serves these 16 counties: Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Flagler, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Levy, Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns, Suwannee and Union. Our Community Development Program delivers the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to high-risk girls in low-income neighborhoods. On average, our council serves 300 girls per year in Community Development troops in Gainesville.

Guardian Association Management

Guardian Association Management

Tom Eaton | Kelly Burch | www.gainesvillegam.com

Guardian Association Management, LLC is a condominium and homeowners association management firm. They hold high levels of accreditation in the industry and provide expert service personalized for each client. Their services include annual budgeting, assessment billing, collections, financial reporting, deed restriction oversight and enforcement, ongoing field inspections and maintenance.

GYA.io logo logo


Steve Sommer | www.GYA.io.com

Currently seeking a strategic partnership and/or capital raise, GYA.io (Get Your Act in order) is an end of life planning company that eliminates all the detective work for your family and loved ones by pragmatically and methodically organizing all of your personal, legal and financial documents, along with your final wishes, in one safe and secure online location. GYA.io exists to make one of the most difficult life transitions for your loved ones as smooth as possible, by having all details of settling your affairs communicated safely and seamlessly when you die.

HyperConversal logo

HyperConversal, Inc.

Matthew Tedder |

HyperConversal offers fully integrated small business software solutions to help owners improve and simplify their business. Featuring CRM, scheduling, billing & invoicing, reporting & analytics and inventory management, the software is configured to manage Rentals, Service, Retail, and E-Commerce.

Pete Zimek ILS Network

ILS Network

Pete Zimek | www.swamprentals.com

iLS network is a collection of local internet listing service websites, known within the apartment industry as ILSs, providing better matches for the renters and more qualified traffic for apartment communities. Each website serves an exclusive local market and employs the company's cutting edge search technology. Originally developed to match renters with apartments in Gainesville, iLS network has expanded further to also help renters in Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville.

Innovative Community Solutions

Innovative Community Solutions

Kim Popejoy | Jeffrey J Keaffaber

Innovative Community Solutions fuses science education, technology development, cultural events and artistic expression with healthy eating to build a sustainable business that benefits East Gainesville and the broader world community. ICS serves as a repository for innovative solutions and will provide the resources necessary to protect the intellectual properties, develop products and bring those products to market.

Latin American Business Alliance

Latin American Business Alliance

Dwight Hulse | www.latinbusinessalliance.org/

The Latin American Business Alliance (LABA) is a nonprofit business association founded with the vision to be the leading voice of and vehicle to integrate the Hispanic/Latino business community in the greater Gainesville, FL area. LABA's mission is to provide leadership and support the economic development of the Hispanic/Latino business community of the greater Gainesville, FL area through commerce, community, and commitment. LABA provides Hispanic/Latino business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and bilingual (Spanish) enthusiasts with a business and technical assistance support network to increase their economic prosperity and it encourages job creation from continuous local and foreign investments in the community.

Isabell Springer LovEd


Isabell Springer, LMFT | www.driversedforlove.com

LovEd is a relationship education organization that educates teens, young adults, and adults to choose wisely in love. The rising divorce rate and negative effects of unhealthy relationships signify an urgency in our culture. LovEd is responding to this urgency with education, love, and support. In their efforts to make Gainesville a heart-based community, they hold ongoing relationship workshops.

Lyfehouse logo


Keira Simmons | www.lyfehouse.com

LYFE is an acronym that means Living Youth and Family Enrichment. It speaks to the mission of the organization to add value to the lives of people. They provide a way for others to evaluate their ideals and structure their world. LYFEhouse is determined to revitalize communities - one youth, one family and one citizen at a time.

Neatbiz Solutions

Neat Biz Solutions

Ravi Bhosale | www.neatbizsolutions.com

Neat Biz Solutions is a full service consulting firm that understands the daily challenges of managing a successful business. They work within the structure of your operations to find solutions for revenue management and cash flow optimization. Their goal is to maximize earning potential by reducing expenses and increasing net yield.

Nujak Companies logo

NuJak Companies, Inc.

Frank Kendrick | www.nujak.com

NuJak Companies, Inc. is a full-service, minority-certified (MBE) construction company specialized in providing Pre-construction, Construction Management, and Design-Build services. NuJak’s team of professionals work toward providing effective solutions to our clients, and going the extra mile to deliver on our promises. NuJak has excelled at understanding the specific needs of each client and we cater to multiple industries, including: K-12 & Higher Education, Government, Healthcare, Industrial/Warehouse, Commercial/Retail/Office, and Religious industries.

Sezra Gay Sezra Gay, MA Logo

Sezra Gay, MA

Sezra Gay | www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/sezragay

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, Sezra Gay can offer workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. With over 10 years of experience in Leadership, Counseling, Mentoring and Outreach, she can move any team or organization in the desired direction to reach its goals.

Dominic Orsini SeeGrowth Business Development Corporation

SEEgrowth Business Development Corporation

Dominic Orsini | www.seegrowth.org

SEEgrowth Business Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization that offers a strong program in business development to start-up and existing companies. A team of teachers, tutors, and coaches will assist clients to see the growth indicators that will bring their business to life. They maintain a friendly, fair, and creative working environment, which respects diversity and ideas.

wefooz logo

weFooz Sports League

Dan Dias | www.humanfoosball.org

WeFooz is a human foosball sports league focused on team-building, communication, eye & reflex coordination, and fitness. There is no age limit or prerequisite of natural athletic ability. They encourage a spirit of unity cultivating a community of optimism, cooperation and empowerment in the process.

Belinda Smith Women Working With Women

Women Working With Women, Inc.

Belinda Smith | www.4wsbms.com

4W's Network, Inc.'s mission is to recover our community by educating, enhancing, empowering, strengthening, and improving individuals through personal and professional development. They are passionate about helping women reach their full potential by providing the tools needed for overall growth. They offer customized workshops, seminars and conferences to meet the needs of today's family.

Karla Wooten Wooten Consulting & Evaluation Services

Wooten Consulting & Evaluation Services

Karla Wooten, MHS, CRC, CVE | www.rehabhope.com

Karla Wooten has been practicing in Gainesville, Ocala, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas since 1995. As a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Certified Vocational Evaluator, Qualified Rehabilitation Provider, and court appointed Custody Evaluator, she has experience and expertise in private consulting, evaluation, and expert witness testimony. Her goal is to help clients navigate the puzzles they encounter and provide them with the knowledge they need to succeed.