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Apogee Coaching

Apogee Coaching is an executive and organizational development coaching practice whose mission is to partner with leaders to bring out the best in themselves, their team and their business. Jim Lilkendey works with executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs to grow their organizations through mindful leadership, intentional culture, strategic thinking, and continuous improvement oriented execution. Apogee’s services include executive and team coaching, strategic planning, organizational and cultural development consulting, and related training and facilitation.
Jim Lilkendey | 352-433-0433 | GT-225

Biotork LLC

Biotork LLC

Founded in 2008, BioTork is a Gainesville-based biotechnology company focused on the evolutionary optimization of microorganisms involved in fermentation processes. BioTork has the license to use a state-of-the-art patented proprietary technology that allows for the improvement of characteristics such as a microorganism' s product yield, titer, growth rate, resistance to toxicity, and more. Notably, this is done through natural selection rather than by genetic modification. The company is particularly interested in using microbes such as yeast, bacteria, and algae to produce high value chemical commodities such as lipids, fuels, enzymes, plastics, and other compounds from renewable feedstocks like low-value carbon sources and waste products.
Chloe de Crecy | 352-562-7524 | GT-130

Breathtec Biomedical Inc.

Breathtec Biomedical, Inc.

Breathtec Biomedical, Inc. is building a skilled team dedicated to propelling the development of next generation medical screening through the advancement of proprietary technologies designed to quickly, painlessly and effectively analyze a simple breath. Breathtec Biomedical, Inc. (“Breathtec”) was formed to propel innovative research in the area of breath analysis as a medical screening tool. Our efforts are aimed at leading the development of commercially viable methods for the early screening of diseases such as lung & breast cancers, neurodegenerative diseases (eg: Alzheimer’s / Parkinson’s), tuberculosis, diabetes, liver disease and more.
Guy LaTorre | 352-682-7895 | GT-120


CommunityCode, Inc 501c(3)

CommunityCode, Inc 501c(3) is a Computing and I.T. accelerator providing interactive projects, life long learning skills and professional development experiences to K-12 students, teaching professionals and community stakeholders. We work alongside schools; higher education institutions, and local industry partners to cultivate today's talent into innovative and tech savvy leaders. In short, come experience programming that transforms communities. Remember the Code starts here!
Darryl McCune | GT-209

Death Concierge

Death Concierge

Currently in the final stages of development, is an end of life planning company that eliminates all the detective work for your family and loved ones by pragmatically and methodically organizing all of your personal, legal and financial documents, along with your final wishes, in one safe and secure online location. exists to make one of the most difficult life transitions for your loved ones as smooth as possible, by having all details of settling your affairs communicated safely and seamlessly when you die.
Steve Sommer | 352-474-8814 | GT-208

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Created in 2005, Evolugate is a leading technology provider in the evolutionary optimization of micro-organisms used in the various fields of biofuels, green chemistry, food and feed industry, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry for bioproduction. Our current operations focus on the evolutionary optimization of micro-organisms, including bacteria, archaea, and microbial eukaryotes such as yeast, fungi and algae. Our technology is also applicable to more complex type of cells as plant, animal, human and stem cells. We are the "missing link" between scientific exploration and industrial efficiency.
Human Resources | 352-505-8611 ext. 2006 | GT-130

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Florida Small Business Development Center |

As the only statewide provider of entrepreneurial and business development services, the Florida SBDC Network plays a vital role in Florida’s economic development by assisting entrepreneurs in every stage of the business life cycle. Since 1976, FSBDCs have assisted hundreds of thousands of emerging and growing businesses by providing the professional expertise, tools, and information necessary to make sound business decisions in a complex and ever-changing marketplace. In addition to the FSBDC’s core service offerings of consulting provided at no-cost, training, and business research, the Florida SBDC Network also provides a comprehensive toolkit of specialized services for qualifying businesses looking to grow, including: Financial Analysis, Search Engine Optimization, Growth Acceleration, International Trade, Government Contracting, and Business Continuation.
Michael Chung | 352-334-7230 | GT-139

Grammar Songs

Grammar Songs

GrammarSongs began as an innovative and memorable way to teach grammar, reading, and writing skills to students. Within the classroom, Melissa saw the success of music coupled with instruction. Her students repeatedly were able to draw upon the material learned in song format and transfer it into other areas. The songs were highly effective for her students, including students with various learning requirements who learned in nontraditional ways. These success stories inspired Melissa to bring her gift of music and love of teaching and children to the world.
Melissa Corbett | | GT-221

Gray Robinson Attorneys At Law

Gray | Robinson Attorneys At Law

At GrayRobinson, we offer not only breadth across a great many legal specialties, but depth and proficiency in each one as well. We have invented a better brand of law firm, counting creativity as a hallmark characteristic and insisting on ingenuity and innovation. At GrayRobinson, there is no such thing as "business as usual." We are one of Florida's fastest-growing law firms and are proud to be on the forefront of emerging legal issues. Our strength is built upon the collective histories of our offices across the state. Our roots run deep in each community we serve. We have forged our own path, creating a firm that best serves our clients and our communities. As we have grown, we have remained committed to keeping small-firm qualities, including the ability to work expeditiously on behalf of our clients and respond quickly to their needs. In addition, we have promised to work with conviction and compassion and to embrace our community as a matter of mission as well as passion.
Maxwell L. Minch | Of Counsel | 352-376-6400 | | GT-102

Greenhouse Financial LLC

Greenhouse Financial, LLC

GreenHouse Financial is an independently owned financial professional firm aimed to provide clients with outstanding advisement in retirement, insurance, and maintaining personal financial stability. Financial security for clients is the foundation of the firm. GreenHouse Financial has a network of licensed professional providers knowledgeable in specific areas of expertise and suited to serve each client personally. Community outreach and involvement plays a fundamental role in the services provided and reassures that the client’s best interest is in mind. GreenHouse Financial, through its years of service, serves many citizens throughout the State of Florida. Virtual and onsite offices are throughout the state and provide financial services to major cities including Orlando and West Palm Beach. The home office is located in Gainesville, Florida.
Eldred Lewis | 888-910-7446 ext 700 | | GT-207

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is the nation's largest organization dedicated to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their futures, and make smart academic and economic choices. Junior Achievement's programs—in the core content areas of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy—ignite the spark in young people to experience and realize the opportunities and realities of work and life in the 21st century. Junior Achievement is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization. This year, more than 500 local business professionals, parents, retirees and college students will enter our schools to teach Junior Achievement programs. These volunteers use their personal experiences to make the Junior Achievement curricula practical and realistic. Providing children with positive adult role models, who illustrate ways to build self-confidence, develop skills and find avenues of success in our free enterprise system, is a hallmark of Junior Achievement.
Cheyenne Conrad | 352-727-0178 | | GT-211

Medical Tool & Technology

Medical Tool & Technology

MT&T is a medical device and engineering consulting company dedicated to improving medical care by alleviating the hardships of developing new products. In addition to our own research and development we provide engineering services to those who are in need. Whether it is a start up or established businesses we provide engineering services to assist in prototyping, product development, and light manufacturing. We have provided our engineering expertise to various departments of Shands, University of Florida, and North Florida Medical Center to develop new products and help make ideas a reality. Our primary focus has always been research and product development for medical devices, but we understand the hardships of new ideas and have assisted many others along the product development process.
J. Scott Wheeler | 443-528-3081 | | GT-224

The mission is to create a platform that provides employers and job seekers a better way to connect and change the landscape of online recruitment by introducing a technology that allows employers and job seekers to specifically define themselves, their needs and their preferences.
John Natuzzi | 352-727-8933 | GT-205

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Psigenics | | Quantum World

Games & Contests: Successfully using Mind-Enabled Technology requires active participation, practice and acquired skill. Good results cannot be simulated or achieved by any algorithm or computer-controlled bot. Therefore, a number of games and related contests will be made available to encourage players to exercise and develop their skills. Each game or contest will have a practice mode that works exactly the same as the scoring or competing mode. Development Partnership: Mind-Enabled Technology is a new field with vast potential, which will require significant resources to begin to explore. We encourage companies that may directly benefit from the development and use of this technology to open a dialog with us. This includes game developers, developers of alternate computer or other hardware interfacing and any organization developing or needing information or intelligence gathering capabilities beyond the limitation of traditional methods.
Scott Wilber | 352-334-7299 | GT-217

Raven A/V Solutions

Raven Audio/Visual Solutions

As with our namesake, our technical staff has the ability to adapt to an evolving and varying environment and thrive. From classroom to convention center, pavilion to community hall, our staff has the skills necessary to customize a creative, fully tailored, and elegant solution for your event without breaking the bank. Our perpetual endeavor to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible is what differentiates us from our competition. Rather than telling you what you need to do, our dedicated team will work alongside of you in determining the needs for your event. We’re not here to steal the show: we’re here to make you look and sound the best and the brightest. From initial planning to final implementation, we’re there to shoulder the technical side of things so you can focus on what’s important to you. We got this.
Kurt Morauer | 352-372-9330 | | GT-201

Stephanie Mickle, Atty. At Law, LLC

Stephanie Mickle, Attorney & Author

Stephanie Mickle is an experienced attorney, trusted advisor, professor, author and entrepreneur. Stephanie began her career as the loan officer for the Florida Community Loan Fund, a statewide community development financial institution, where she was responsible for marketing and underwriting commercial real estate loans to nonprofit organizations that provide services in urban and rural communities. From there she went on to law school, and upon graduation, she practiced law with Akerman Senterfitt, a 500 attorney Florida based law firm where she represented businesses in both state and federal court in vendor disputes, product liability and contractual claims. Stephanie also assisted businesses with various formation, licensing and regulatory issues, contract preparation and review, lease agreement preparation and review and pre­litigation analysis. She is licensed to practice law before the United States Supreme Court and in the State of Florida.
Stephanie Mickle | 352-376-9005 | | GT-209

Targeted Training Solutions

Targeted Training Solutions

Today’s economic climate has forced employers to do more with less. That means getting more performance out of your workforce at all levels. Targeted Training Solutions (TTS) can provide that specialized training for your targeted needs. Our focus is to identify your specific training needs and then develop customized frameworks to give you the performance results that you are looking for. TTS utilizes an existing national network of certified instructors in a variety of specializations. We also recognize the value of providing the individual with an industry recognized credential whenever possible. That means that if we don’t currently offer a specific assessment or training program, we will find it for you, and deliver it locally.
Kurt Morauer | 352-372-9330 | | GT-201

Tech Toybox, Inc.

The Tech Toybox, Inc.

The Tech Toybox provides services to individuals, businesses, and research groups to solve problems and produce proof-of-concept prototypes. In most cases, we utilize these real-world development projects as a teaching platform for people interested in learning entrepreneurship and/or technical skills. There are facilities available, and the principle staff provide many decades of experience in all aspects of prototype production, including machining, additive manufacturing (3D Printing), working with plastics and wood, as well as electronics and systems prototyping. Staff often supervise new trainees on this rapid process of showing proof-of-concept, thus lowering the barriers to commercialization while training new talent in how to bootstrap a new tech startup to the point where it is fundable.
Ryan Compton | 352-474-8802 | GT-117

TissuePro Technology logo

TissuePro Technology

TissuePro Technology is a biomedical technology provider in reagents solutions used in the various biomedical fields and pharmaceutical industry. Their goals are to help the scientists/researchers in tissue preparation or analysis by providing highest quality products, prompt delivery and outstanding services.
Irawan Satriotomo | 352-213-4255 | GT-125

Virtually There Learning

Virtually There Learning

Virtually There Learning is a nonprofit corporation. The company was created to promote science and social education through the production of interactive virtual tours and accompanying hands-on kits of scientifically and culturally interesting locations. VTL is staffed by all volunteers including science and teaching students.
Glynn Hayes | 470-670-9370 | GT-208