GTEC Alumni Companies

Actionable Quality Assurance

Actionable Quality Assurance

Actionable Quality Assurance is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service company that connects and automates organizations’ food-safety and quality-assurance points, from certifications and lab test results, to corrective actions taken.
Eric Graves, Founder & CEO | | (352) 222.8383

AxoGen logo

AxoGen, Inc.

AxoGen Inc. seeks to provide surgeons with solutions to repair and protect peripheral nerves. The company has created and licensed a unique combination of patented technologies and has a rich pipeline of new products to change the standard of care for patients with peripheral nerve injuries.

Baseline Systems

Baseline Systems

Baseline Systems is an emerging leader in the new “Cloud Solutions Provider” model of IT services. Combining consulting, engineering, and delivery professional services of a Systems Integrator; the operations support and maintenance to meet SLAs of a Managed Service Provider; and vendor management for providers and technology companies of a Value Added Reseller – Baseline Systems provides all of your technology needs under one roof. One Vendor. One Bill. As a Service.
Brian Smith, CEO | (352) 363-5482 | GT-211

BioProdex logo

BioProdex, Inc.

The principal business of BioProdex, Inc. is research, development, sales, and service of biological products for pest control and environmental protection, contract research, and biopesticide consultant services.

EnviroFlux logo


EnviroFlux utilizes mass flux measurements to reveal a contaminant plume's behavior. While groundwater samples will provide localized contaminant concentration data, they provide no insight into whether (or how fast) the contaminants are spreading to other areas through the groundwater system. EnviroFlux’s mass flux measurements provide this contaminant concentration and flow data allowing organizations to get a more complete view of the whole picture.

Firebird logo

Firebird Biomolecular Sciences, LLC

Firebird Biomolecular Sciences supplies nucleic acid components, libraries, polymerases and software to support human diagnostics, synthetic biology and human therapy. A partner with the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution (FfAME). Firebird provides an innovative, scientific, research-based environment to help create a more integrated science for the current century and to transfer technologies from basic research into products and processes to meet commercial and medical needs.

IA Tech logo

Innovative Automation Technologies, LLC (IA Tech)

IA Tech manufactures and develops a suite of integrated GPS IMU, GPS INS, orientation sensors for unmanned air vehicles (UAV), unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV), and specialized remote sensing applications.


Optym (formerly Innovative Scheduling)

Optym, formerly Innovative Scheduling (IS), a leading developer of planning and scheduling software for the transportation and logistics industry, announces that it will expand its operations in Gainesville, creating 100 new jobs and a spurring a capital investment of nearly $5 million in the area.

ReliOx Corporation

ReliOx Corporation

Revolution in Microbial Contamination Control
RelīOxTM proprietary technology is a leap forward in Advance Materials for Chemistry. RelīOx is the core technology for the safe production and transportation of high value chemicals. RelīOx is about safety in chemical production, is about safety in the environment and is about sustainability. RelīOx is the future for global pathogen prevention and control. RelīOx has the tools for effective global response to unexpected outbreaks and pandemics. RelīOx offers revolutionary products and solutions for Odor Control in all markets today!
Ian Knapp, CEO | (813) 393-0335 | | GT-224/226

Shadow Health logo

Shadow Health™

Shadow Health™ is an educational software developer of rich, interactive learning environments including the Digital Clinical Experience™ for nursing and allied health education programs.

Sinmat logo


Sinmat is developing new ways to manufacture microchips that can help power smarter energy systems, from more fuel-efficient hybrid cars to more responsive, efficient lighting for homes and businesses.

WiPower logo


WiPower uses resonant based wireless charging to elegantly reduce the need for wall chargers, unsightly power strips, and congested wall outlets.