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 We are looking forward to our Spring CTE Job Fair on April 11th.  Employers may register under EMPLOYERS found on the Right Navigation Column.  Download your Invitation HERE.

We are glad you found your way to our information page. Please continue to visit this page often to let us help you promote your participation in our economy. We will publish new information about events that will put you in contact with employers and other opportunities that will advance your skills and familiarity with the job market in our area. We are always glad to have you come visit us in room M-135. We can help you with job searches, competative resume' writing and interviewing skills. We are also willing to point you in the direction to participate in the hidden job market and ways you can start your own business.

Featured Internship at  John Powers Tax Collector's office.  Click here for application .

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Over 170 STEM paid Internships Announced

Here is a new jobs page. Please give it a try and let us know if it is useful for you. Locate The Ladders at Ladders Link

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Career and job placement services are provided for students and graduates. Counseling and instruction regarding career opportunities, résumé preparation, conducting effective job searches and employability skills development are available. Students are actively assisted in obtaining part-time or full-time employment. The coordinator of this program is responsible for employer development. Business, industry and government agencies are encouraged to list job opportunities with this office. Many community employers take advantage of this free service to meet their human resources needs. Job opportunities are posted on a bulletin board. Referral information for these job listings is accessible from the computer terminals located in, Building M, room 135. Internet access for career opportunities and information is also available. Visit our frequently asked questions page for more information. We now serve our students and employers through a new online jobs data system. Point your browser to www.myinterfase.com/sfcollege/student and use the register link to sign up for our service. If you are an employer please use www.myinterfase.com/sfcollege/employer to register. Employers with valid contact information will receive automatic invitations to job fairs and other job related events. Community users are welcome to sign up as a student. Please use the last four digits to your SSN instead of a student number. Employers who have used the old system under "Employers" can continue to use that form. You will just not be registered for updates about coming events.