Graduate From High School Ready for College and Career

Career Pathways programs of study include a sequence of 3 or 4 high school career and technical courses taken in addtion to the academic core classes. Students completing both the academic requirements and a Career Pathways program have the advantage of graduating from high school prepared for college and the workplace.

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Create a Plan for Success

Students in Career Pathways programs of study can create a plan that connects their education to future career and college goals. Career Pathways gives students options by providing entry and exit points for further education and/or advanced career opportunities at each stage.

Welcome to the Jobs of the Future

Get A Head Start on College

Students in Career Pathways programs in 8th - 12th grade are able to earn college credits either through assessment or industry certification.

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Save Time and Money - Earn Free College Credits

By earning college credits in middle and high school, either through assessment or industry certification, students can make a smooth transition into college. Coursework is not duplicated, so students save time, tuition and the cost of textbooks.

Career Pathways students who succeed in specific career and technical courses at their high school can take an SF College assessment in the spring. They may earn "A", "B" and "Pass" grades on a permanent college transcript.

Middle and high school Career Pathways students who earn certain industry certifications can also earn college credit on a permanent college transcript.

College Credit Opportunity

Students recommended to sit for a Career Pathways assessment, or who pass an industry certification before high school graduation, should follow the steps below to register:

Step 1 -Complete the online Supplemental Student Application and obtain a Santa Fe College ID.

Step 2 - Complete the fill-able Permission Form, print the form, obtain the necessary student and parent signatures, and return the form to your teacher.

Step 3 - Your teacher will submit the Permission Form to the Career Pathways office together with a Teacher Recommendation Form.

2015-2016 Career Pathways Programs of Study - ebook guide

2015-2016 Career Pathways Programs of Study
Santa Fe Consortium
Santa Fe College and Alachua and Bradford School Districts

Santa Fe Consortium Career Pathways Coordinators

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Santa Fe Consortium is comprised of:
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