Rules and Guidelines


  • Present a valid Santa Fe photo ID to the lab assistant at the main desk.
  • Sign in and out of the lab each time you visit it.
  • Please be quiet and do not speak above a whisper, since this Lab is used for testing.
  • Please turn your cell phones off while in the Lab
  • If the lab is full, sign the waiting list. As workstations become available, names on the waiting list will be called in order. Lab assistants cannot reserve a computer for you.
  • Check out at the main desk when you leave. 
  • Take your personal belongings with you when you leave the lab. Lab staff cannot be held responsible for your things.
  • Bring a flash drive to save your work.
  • Check the email Bulletin Boards under "ICL" or the schedules posted in the labs for changes to the lab hours during holidays and semester breaks.
  • If you are disabled, please do not hesitate to ask for help in getting your printouts, getting set up at a workstation, or making any adjustments needed to make the workstation accessible for you.


  • Display, print or transmit pornographic material in any Santa Fe computer lab.
  • Display, print, or transmit racist, sexist, obscene or harassing messages and/or materials using the Santa Fe email system.
  • Use abusive language or cause disruptions in the lab.
  • Modify or alter computer workstation by any means, including but not limited to installing programs, saving or deleting workstation files, and changing the desktop configuration.

If you violate the above policies, your Santa Fe email account may be suspended, and you could be denied access to all Santa Fe labs pending your hearing with the Student Disciplinary Committee.