The College Level Examination Program (or CLEP) is a group of standardized tests that assess college-level knowledge in several subject areas. CLEP is a national credit program. Plan ahead if you need to take a CLEP exam prior to the beginning of a term. Appointments will be made based on availability of computers and may not be available during registration/orientation times.

Registration Process

  1. Register for CLEP at The College Board.
  2. Print Test Ticket.
  3. Pay $30 fee at the Cashier’s Office in Building F (hours are 8-4:30, M-F).

Schedule your test

You cannot schedule your exam until the registration process above is complete. You can schedule your test one of three ways:

Day of Testing

  1. Go to Exam Day Info.
  2. Read the section called On Exam Day.
  3. Bring a valid photo ID and your Test Ticket.