Services for Online Students

All services provided by the AA Advisement Center are available to all currently enrolled students, including those students whom are only enrolled in online classes. Learn how online students may use some of these services via the Internet.

General Education Requirements

The General Education Requirements for the AA Degree includes the course work you need to complete at Santa Fe in the following academic areas: English, Math, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Your Degree Audit and the General Education Requirements Sheet lists these requirements.

Your General Education Requirements are determined by the semester and year you begin Santa Fe. Each set of general education requirements is identified by a program admission year or catalog year. Your program admission year will not change unless you stop attending Santa Fe for a complete semester.

Degree Audit

The Degree Audit outlines your AA and graduation requirements. The Audit is your main resource for course selection each semester when you register. If you use your degree audit you will always choose the right courses for your AA degree.

You can access the following information on the Degree Audit:

Graduation Status Summary:

  • Credit hours earned and credit hours needed to graduate.
  • A list of the things you need to complete in order to graduate

Degree Audit Detail:

  • A list of General Education Requirements
  • A list of the preprofessional courses for your advisement track.
  • Your grades and GPA.
  • You can register for general education and preprofessional courses using the audit!

Degree Requirements:

  • A list of Santa Fe's AA requirements

University Requirements:

  • A list of preprofessional courses required by universities for admission into different upper level degree programs

Transfer Requirements

The Transfer Requirements link gives detailed information about transfer requirements at State Universities in Florida and for Santa Fe Bachelor programs. You may access the transfer requirements link through eSantaFe by clicking on the Degree Audit link.

Educational Plan

The purpose of creating an educational plan is to provide a semester by semester glance at the classes needed to complete your degree at Santa Fe College and/or transfer to an upper level degree program. You can create an electronic educational plan through your eSanta Fe account. Click here for detailed instructions.

University Transfer Information

Each university has admission, application and transfer requirements. It is your responsibility to find out what they are. You need to know overall GPA, preprofessional GPA, preprofessional courses, application deadlines, test score requirements, and other special admission criteria. If this seems overwhelming, don't worry. Santa Fe advisors can help. It takes time to plan your academic career. Get help...ask questions...visit with an advisor.

Changing Your Degree

If you find a degree that you are interested in declaring for your primary degree program or alternate degree program, click on the "Change Degree" link (under the Advisement Section). To select a primary degree program, click on the drop down menu in the Primary program section and choose your new program of study, then click "submit". To select an alternate program of study, click on the drop down menu in the alternate program section and choose your new program of study, then click "submit". It will either automatically make the change for you or it will show a form that you will need to print out and bring to the office listed on the form in order to make the change. The form gives the room and building number of where you need to go. For additional information on AA advisement tracks, click here.


Every semester Santa Fe hosts multiple events, which include: Transfer Day and Gator Day. In addition, advisors representing several UF colleges/majors are available at the UF@SF Center on a scheduled basis. Click here for the advising schedule

Academic Advising

Advisors are only able to answer general questions by email because of Federal privacy laws. The most effective advising sessions happen face to face. We encourage you, if at all possible, to come in and meet with an advisor. If that is not possible, you may schedule a phone advising session with your advisor. You can schedule an appointment with your advisor by clicking on the “Schedule Advisor Appointment” link in your eSantaFe account (found under the Advisement Tab, then click on Degree Audit).