New Student Information

Registration Guide (pdf)

What can I expect from my initial meeting with an advisor?

Your advisor will go over your educational goals, confirm your program of study/educational plan, and discuss your first semester schedule.

How can I prepare for my first meeting with my advisor?

  • Read our New Student Advising and Registration Guide (PDF located at top of page)
  • Have you chosen the correct degree?  If not, please submit a request via the Change Degree link in your eSantaFe account prior to scheduling an appointment or meeting with your advisor.  If you would like the request to become effective immediately, please choose the current term when submitting your request, rather than selecting a future term.
  • If you took classes at another college or have AP/IB/AICE/CLEP or other scores that might give you college credit, please submit all transcripts and scores to SF as soon as possible.  Your advisor can better assist you when they have complete and accurate information about your academic background.

Choosing Courses for Your First Semester

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student, we recommend you meet with an academic advisor before choosing your courses. We won't be able to accurately advise you until your transcripts have been evaluated. Refer to the Records website for more information.

New Students (First Time in College Fall 2015 or later)

If this will be your first time in college, there are basic classes you will be required to take, so most freshmen take similar classes. Full time enrollment is 12+ credits. Part-time enrollment is less than 12 credits. If you are starting in a mini-semester (6-week semester), then we recommend taking no more than 6 credits of classes.

Suggested Classes for Full Time Enrollment

First semester freshmen who placed into college-level courses should register for:

  1. Communications – ENC 1101 or course determined by test scores
  2. Math – Course determined by test scores. If you are unsure of which math course to take, please consult with your academic advisor.

3 & 4: Choose two courses from these four options:

  • Humanities State or College Core Group 2, Fine Arts course
  • Social Science State or College Core Group 2, Social and Behavioral Sciences course 
  • Multicultural & Global Awareness course
  • Elective

Choosing Electives

The AA degree also requires successful completion of 24 hours of electives. Recommended electives are determined by your intended transfer major requirements, and include courses such as SLS1101 (College Success), SLS1301 (Life/Career Development), university preprofessional requirements and foreign languages.  It is important to choose your electives carefully, so please speak with an Academic Advisor if you have any questions about which electives to take.

Developmental Education Courses

Students may be impacted by state legislation regarding Developmental Education which went into effect January 1, 2014.  Senate Bill 1720 Information (link). Please consult with your academic advisor if you are unsure whether you are affected by Senate Bill 1720.

Students who are required to take developmental math, writing, or reading courses must be enrolled in at least one of their developmental education courses in order to be enrolled in college-level courses.  Developmental Education students should consult with their academic advisor regarding course options.  Developmental Education course options can be viewed at the Developmental Education Registration link in your eSantaFe account.