How to Register For Classes

You won't be able to register until your assigned registration time (appointment). Registration appointments are automatically assigned about a week before the start of the registration period. You can view your registration appointment time on the first screen after you login to eSantaFe, or by clicking on the My Info Status link in eSantaFe. You can also see if you have any registration holds and how to resolve them from this link. Registration is completed online through your eSantaFe account.

  1. Login to eSantaFe
  2. All students must click on View Degree Audit, then Degree Audit Detail before registration will be enabled. Refer to your Degree Audit Detail for a list of classes that are required for your degree. College prep students should click on Prep Registration for the next prep class(es)
  3. Click on Register for Classes (under Registration on the left side of the screen). Be sure the term is set to the semester you are interested in viewing (ex: Fall, Spring, Summer A/B/C)
  4. Type in the course number or click on a course category to find a list of courses in that area. Criteria such as campus, days of the week, times, or open/all sections may also be entered to narrow down your selection. When you are done selecting criteria, press Enter
  5. You may click on the course name to view the course description and prerequisites.
  6. Decide on the Course Section that fits your schedule, then click "ADD" to register
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 7 to register for each course
  8. When finished, click on View Schedule (under Registration on the left side of the screen) to see what you have registered for and to pay your fees or see when they are due.

Remember, you must either pay or have your fees deferred by the payment deadline or the classes you are registered for will be dropped.