How do I change my Degree/Advisement Track?

The only way to change your degree is through your eSantaFe account. 

  • Login to eSantaFe
  • Under the “Advisement” section, click on “Change Degree”
  • Select your new Primary or Alternate degree from the drop down menu
  • Under “Start Term”, if you would like the change to take effect immediately, regardless of whether you are currently enrolled in courses or not, please choose the term that corresponds to the current term.  If you would like the change to take effect in the future, please choose the term that corresponds to a future term.  In this case, your Degree/Advisement Track won’t update until that term starts. 
  • If you have submitted a request and chose the wrong term or changed your mind, you should cancel the request. 
  • Note: If you have a registration hold that requires you to select a degree, you should request the change for the current term in order to quickly lift the registration hold.

I am out of town. How can I meet with an advisor?

If you are out of town and unable to meet with your advisor in person, the Academic Advisement Center offers phone appointments.  It will be your responsibility to call your advisor at the scheduled time.  We ask that you are able to access your eSantaFe account and pull up your degree audit detail during the phone appointment, or that you print out your degree audit detail and have it available to look at during the appointment.  We are more limited in what we can do via a phone appointment, so it is very important that you are able to look at some of the same things that your advisor is looking at. 

When scheduling a phone appointment, please be sure to include a comment in the comments section indicating that you would like it to be a phone appointment.  If we don’t see a comment, we will assume it is an in-person appointment.
To schedule a phone appointment, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to eSantaFe
  2. Click the Advisement Tab, then select Degree Audit
  3. Click Schedule Advisor Appointment in middle of screen (If there is no advisor appointment link available, check back 24 hours later to allow for system updates.)
  4. Click on Get Advising in upper right hand corner
  5. Select Advisor and Date, Appointment time, and Reason.  (For phone appointments:  Please check Phone appointment as the reason, add a comment that says “PHONE,” and say what your need is.)
  6. Click Save Appointment

PHONE APPOINTMENTS:  To make the most of your phone appointment please plan the following:

  1. Book at least one day in advance.
  2. Make sure you have access to a computer and the internet.
  3. Be signed in to eSantaFe.
  4. Check with advisor about preference for who will call.  If the advisor prefers to call you: make sure that the number you provide is a working phone number and that you are available at the appointed time. You may also want to include that number in the comment section of the appointment. 

Where Do I register?

You register for classes through your eSantaFe account. There are specific registration dates for each semester and you must wait until on or after your registration appointment date to register for classes. Your specific registration appointment date will be automatically posted in your eSantaFe account shortly before registration opens each semester. 

How do I get an appointment to register?

Registration appointments are set according to how many credit hours you have earned and whether you are currently enrolled at Santa Fe. Students with more earned hours are given earlier registration dates than studnets who have earned fewer hours. Appointment time and date can be viewed through your eSantaFe account. You are eligible to register for classes on or after your appointment time.

I registered for classes, and then I was dropped. How do I register again?

Once you register, fees must be taken care of it in full by the payment deadline or your classes are droped. You can see your fee payment deadline at the bottom of your schedule. If you are dropped from your classes for non-payment, you will need to use eSantaFe to register for your classes again. Make sure you pay for your classes by the deadline at the bottom of your new schedule or you will be dropped again.

Common Registration issues - Resolved Through eSantaFe

  • Registration hold - Click on the "My Info/Status" link in eSantaFe. This will tell you exactly what registration holds you have and what you need to do or who you need to contact to take care of them.
  • No Add/Register button in eSantaFe - You can't register until on or after your assigned registration appointment. You can view your registration appointment in your eSantaFe account. If it is on or after your registration time and you can't register, then you might have a registration hold. Click on the "My Info/Status" link in eSanta Fe. This will tell you if you have registration holds and what you need to do take care of them.
  • Class is Full - Advisors can't override a full class. You should keep checking the schedule to see if a space opens up in the class. You can also click on the “Notify Me” button that is located next to a full section in eSantaFe. If a space opens up in the class, you will be sent an email notifying you that a space is available. This will not hold the seat for you. You will then need to try and register for the course through eSantaFe. One of the best times to check for open spaces is the day after fees are due because anyone who didn't pay for their classes would be dropped from those classes. Another option would be to check again on the first day of classes. If the class is still full, you can talk to the Department Chair and see if there is a way to be added to the class. However, it is rare for the Department and/or Faculty to be able to add a student to a full/closed class. There are usually physical space limitations and Fire Code regulations that limit the number of students who can be registered for a class. Since there is no guarantee that you can be added to a closed class, it always recommended that you register for courses that are open while you continue to try to be placed in a closed class.
  • View degree audit - you need to look at your degree audit detail at least once each semester before you will be allowed to register.
  • Must select a degree/advisement track - If you are pursuing an AA degree and have completed/registered for 24 credit hours, you need to select something other than “AA undeclared”. Once you have changed your degree, sometimes you need to log out of eSantaFe and then log back in before the registration hold will be lifted.
  • Time Conflict - If you try to register for a course that meets at the same time as a course you are already registered for, the system will not allow you to register for that section. It will usually display alternate sections and ask you to choose one of those sections.
  • Courses that include a lecture and a lab will automatically register you for both the lecture and the lab sections. There will be a specific lab section attached to a specific lecture section. You can’t register for one without registering for the other. (Examples, BSC2005- General Biology with lab, MAC2233 – Survey of Calculus).

Common Registration Issues - Should Be Referred To an Academic Advisor

  • Prerequisite needed - You will need to take the prerequisite first, or you can check with an advisor if you believe you have already taken the prerequisite.

Common Registration Issues - Handled by Various Departments

  • Proper math required - If you are trying to register for 12 or more credit hours and have not yet satisfied the AA degree math requirements, you will receive the message “Proper Math Course Required”. SF requires you to take a math class each semester you are enrolled full time until you have met the AA degree math requirement. Students can enroll for up to 11 credit hours without enrolling in math. If you have reason to want to postpone a math class for a semester, you should meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your plan. You Advisor cannot override the math requirement but may refer you to the Math Department Chair for assistance if you still desire not to enroll in a math class.
  • Permission Required - Check the section number. There will usually be a note that will tell you if it is a special section or course and who to contact for assistance enrolling in the course (usually the department offering the course). You can also check the course description for additional information. If there is an H in the section number, then it is an Honors class and you would need to be part of the Honors program and contact the Honors department for permission.
  • C or Better - Handled through Records office. Once you have earned a C or better in a class, you are generally not allowed to retake the course. If you only passed part of the class (such as the lab but not the lecture), and need to retake the entire class, then you will need to submit a "C or Above Repeat Form/Petition" to the Records office.