Waivers & Exemptions

There are ways to cover the cost of college in addition to obtaining financial aid. Check the information below for programs that may apply to you.

Exemptions and waivers allow some groups of Florida residents or non-residents to pay less tuition and/or fees for classes depending on their specific circumstances. In order to receive the benefit of these waivers and/or exemptions, students must meet the requirements for the fee reduction by presenting documentation to the appropriate department listed below.

Tuition Waivers

Florida State Employee Tuition Waiver

Senior Citizen waiver

Purple Heart Recipients

Veteran’s Out-of-State Waiver – The Congressman C. W. Bill Young Veterans Waiver

Non-Florida Resident Florida High School Student Out of State Waiver, including DACA

Classroom Teacher

Eligible College Employees and Dependents

Linkage Institute

Tuition Exemptions

DCF Exemption

Homeless Exemption

Dependent of Deceased Law Enforcement Officer

Dependents of Slain Public Service Officers