Do You Have What it takes to be a Gator Innovator?

As one of the nation’s leading research institutions, UF has long been the home to innovation. We now are the first university in the country to offer an Academy for students who share in that creative spirit.

The Innovation Academy (IA) is a groundbreaking living/learning community that pulls unique students from more than 30 majors into a spring-summer cohort filled with energy, collisions that become ideas, and one common minor: Innovation. Students have the fall semester to explore off-campus experiential opportunities, such as study abroad, internships, research or online courses. IA gives motivated students a small-college experience focused on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, ethics and leadership on a spring-summer schedule. IA students are interested in developing new knowledge to grow new business ideas, services or products through co-curricular opportunities and an innovative spirit, and have a strong desire for expert and peer collaboration, multidisciplinary learning (arts, humanities, and science), trial and error (rapid prototyping), creating, and strategic risk taking.

Fall Course Opportunities

Innovation Academy students looking for academic opportunities in the fall can find those opportunities at Santa Fe College. Past IA students can tell you how important it is to complete prerequisite courses as soon as possible. This gives you more flexibility to focus on your major and sequential courses down the road. IA's partnership with Santa Fe is looking out for you: you won't risk your financial aid by taking Santa Fe courses in the fall. In fact, you'll find that Santa Fe courses are reasonably priced. Click above for more information about the transient process and cost of tuition. IA students who have already completed their first year at UF would enroll at Santa Fe as transient students.

Transfer Admissions Information

We are now accepting transfer students! Planning to transfer to Innovation Academy early is strongly encouraged and will greatly enhance the opportunity for a successful transfer experience. The UF colleges that participate in the Innovation Academy admit highly qualified transfer students who have completed 60 or more transferrable credit hours from a regionally accredited institution, or an Associate of Arts (AA) degree from an in-state public community college, or 60 transferable semester credits of course work listed in the Florida Statewide Course Numbering System from a Florida nonpublic postsecondary institution. Students seeking admission from other universities or out-of-state schools may be considered for admission on a space available basis. Transfer students are only admitted to Innovation Academy in spring. Feel free to view our Sample Transfer Minor Plans to see the recommended sequence of courses transfer students must take in order to successfully complete the Innovation Minor. Please visit the following links for more information on Application Deadlines and UF Transfer Admissions Requirements.

For more information about applying to UF’s community of creative leaders, learners and thinkers, please visit our website at, email Academic Advisors Xavier Richardson and/or Brittany Hoover, call 352-294-1785, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. It’s great to be an Innovator Gator!