SF SmartCard FAQs

Student Refunds and Financial Aid Disbursements

Higher One Santa FeHigher One Santa FeSanta Fe College has partnered with Higher One, a company that specializes in student refund payment services, to provide students with free direct deposit of Financial Aid and refunds from Santa Fe via the SF SmartCard. With the SF SmartCard, payments are delivered in the manner the student chooses Easy Refund to the student's OneAccount, ACH transfer (direct deposit) to the student's bank account, or via a check mailed via US Mail (within 7 calendar days) if no deposit selection is made.

How are Santa Fe College refunds delivered to students?

Each registered student will receive an SF SmartCard, sent via US Mail to the local address on file with Higher One. You can update your local address via eSantaFe. To receive your refund or disbursement, you should use your card to select your refund preference via the Higher One website. When you activate your card, you will select your preferred way of receiving refunds, including financial aid disbursements.

What are the options for receiving all student refunds, including financial aid disbursements?

SF students have three options:

1.  Directly deposited to your OneAccount (same business day funds are released by Santa Fe College to Higher One).
2.  Deposited to another bank account of your choice (within two to three business days).
3.  Mailed, as a paper check, if no deposit selection is made (within 7 calendar days).

What is the One Account?

The OneAccount from Higher One is a fully functioning FDIC insured checking account that allows you to access your student refunds quicker and easier than ever before. The OneAccount has no minimum balance, no monthly fees, and free Internet banking features. With it, you can use your SF SmartCard to make purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted and withdraw your funds for free from any Higher One ATM.

Where are HigherOne ATMs located?

  • Northwest Campus: Center for Student Leadership & Activities, Rec Room, S–165
  • Blount Center: DA Classroom Bldg. Hallway
  • Watson Center: KA Bldg, Commons Area, KA–109

How will I know when my refund has been deposited to my OneAccount?

You will receive an email when your refund has been directly deposited to your OneAccount. Additionally, you will be able to see details of your OneAccount by accessing your OneAccount Statement on the website.

Can I have my refund deposited to another bank account?

If you choose to have your refund deposited to a bank of your choice, this may take 2–3 business days from the day the college releases the funds. In order to have your refund deposited to your bank, you must first activate your SF Smart Card at the Higher One website. Your normal banking fees associated with the bank you choose will apply.

Can I select a paper check instead?

By not selecting a OneAccount or another bank account, by default, a paper check will be sent to you via regular US Mail. A paper check will be issued within 7 calendar days from the day the college releases the funds. Regardless of how you choose to receive your funds, you should activate your card at the Higher One website.

When will I receive my SF Smart Card?

SF Smart Cards will be mailed to new students approximately two weeks prior to the start of each term, or as new students enroll.

What will happen to my refund if I do not activate my SF Smart Card?

If you do not activate your SF Smart Card your refund or Financial Aid monies will be delayed getting to you. You will be mailed a paper check, after 11 days, if no deposit selection is made. Regardless of whether you anticipate that you will receive a refund, it is important to activate your card and choose a refund preference at the Higher One website.

How much can I spend each day with my SF Smart Card?

For security purposes, daily limits are placed on the account and they are as follows:

  • $500 per day for pin-based transactions (ATM withdrawal, etc);
  • $2,500 per day for signature based transactions

What can I do if I want to make a purchase that exceeds the daily spending limit?

Students may need to make large purchases or large payments to local apartment complexes, below are a few options to complete these transactions:

  • Students can complete an online bill pay from their SF Smart Card account online to a store, business, or apartment complex for any amount necessary that does not exceed their balance. Higher One will then mail a check on the students behalf.
  • The student can call Customer Care (1-877-405-0833) and request a temporary increase to their daily spending limit. For security purposes Higher One only allows the temporary increase to be available for up to 24 hours; however this would allow them to raise their $2500 limit and complete a signature-based transaction for the full amount.
  • Students can purchase a check book and write a check for the amount needed at any time.

What do I do if I did not receive my SF SmartCard in the mail?

You may log on to the Higher One website and use the “Where’s my Card” self help feature that will provide you with the real time status of your card. When entering your Santa Fe ID number please put a zero at the beginning (Ex: 099009999).

Why is the Debit MasterCard® logo on the new SF Smart Card?

The SF Smart Card is the card you use to access your funds if you choose to accept the OneAccount. With the Debit MasterCard logo on it, you can use the card as a debit card or a credit wherever MasterCard® is accepted.

What fees are involved with using the SF Smart Card as a Debit Card?

Using the SF Smart Card in a non–Higher One ATM will result in a fee. Using the SF Smart Card as a debit card (by entering a PIN number) will also result in a fee. To make sure you do not get charged, be sure to “swipe and sign” – choose the credit option (NOT debit) and sign the receipt. There a number of service that include fees; a list of these services with fees is here. A complete list of services that do not have charges is here.

How can I make sure I do not have any fees with my SF Smart Card?

A useful guide to using the One Account for Free can be found here.

What if I have additional questions?

For more information about the SF Smart Card and refunds, please visit www.SFSmartCard.com/easyhelp or submit a question via email below.

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